Creslane School Board Report

March 10, 2010


Calendar:       March 9 – Site Council mtg. (4:00 Staff Room)

                        March 15 – PBIS mtg. (2:30 Board Room)

                        March 16 – TAG game night (6:30-7:30 Library)

                        March 18 – Spring Pictures

                        March 18 – Mr. Bulldog promotional dance (2:00 Cafeteria)

                        March 30-April 6 – Fourth Grade field trip to Dorris Ranch

                        March 31-April 2 – Lion’s Eye and Ear Screening

                        April 5 – State Records Day (no students)



        February 2009                 March 2009

Total                       =    586                       586

Kindergarten   =     90                         90                               

First               =      92                         93                               

Second           =      85                         85                               

Third             =      93                         92                               

Fourth           =    106                       106                               

Fifth               =    120                       120


March 2009         Male                Female

K  =                      51                         39

1   =                      46                         47

2  =                       38                         47

3  =                       43                         49

4  =                       57                         49

5  =                       63                         57

Total                    298                       288


Talented and Gifted (TAG):

Creslane’s TAG team met with parents on Wednesday, February 10th and Wednesday the 17th to review the results of the IQ tests given by Rhonda Ehlers.  We met with 22 sets of parents.  Five sets of parents were unable to meet with us during those two nights, but we were able to share the results via the phone.  Although all the children tested high, none of them met the legal qualifications of 97% percentile in cognitive ability.   Creswell District currently has 40 identified TAG students.  The following information is by grade only.  Some of our TAG students have been accelerated to higher grades than their age-equivalent peers.

          Grade                   Number of Identified TAG

          K                          0

          1                           0

          2                           1

          3                           0

          4                           6

          5                           6

          6                           5

          7                           5

          8                           2

          9                           1

          10                         6

          11                         3

          12                         7


Behavioral Support:

“Giddy-ups” will be given out the last week of March before Spring Vacation.  Students will earn the “Giddy-ups” for being safe, considerate and self-managers.  These students will be pictured on our web-site to promote positive student behavior and Creslane’s rules.  After Spring Vacation we will be working on “filling up buckets.”  The idea of “filling buckets” came from Amber-dawn Krupicka, Creslane’s Child Development Specialist after she attended a workshop and learned about the book, Have You Filled A Bucket Today?: “A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids” by Carol McCloud.  A bucket only has one purpose…to hold the good thoughts and feelings you have about yourself.  At Creslane, we believe we are all “kids,” and everyone needs their buckets filled. Thank you to the Creslane PBIS team for all their hard work and dedication…all on top of teaching children to learn too.  Phew!


On February 22, the recess and lunchroom assistants had a mini-training on strategies that promote positive behavior.  This year’s team of assistants has implemented some innovations in the lunchroom with the help of Kathy Geisen, a Behavior Specialist from Lane ESD.  Thank you Team and Kathy!


District Goals Report:

Goal 1:  To align entire district as one educational unit:

Goal 3:   To build visible community pride in Creswell Public Schools, the school district will increase its engagement in the Creswell Community though expanded communications, collaboration, and involvement opportunities

·        504 District-wide:

Once again, the Creswell School District is trying to develop systems to unite the three schools and streamline the way we do business.  504 plans were developed for students who don’t qualify for Special Education but have a temporary or long-term disability that inhibits their learning.  The 504 gives them rights to accommodations that give them an equal opportunity to learn.  Examples might be a hearing problem, a pregnancy, a condition that requires surgery, etc.  Previously, each school handled the development of 504 plans differently.  Last month, representatives from each school met with Joel and created forms and procedures that work for all three levels.  Joel will put the forms on the web for easy access. Ruby Price has agreed to be the District 504 coordinator. 


·        Haiti Benefit:

Thanks to the generosity and leadership of Erik Telfer, both Creslane choirs sang at the Haiti benefit concert held at the High School on February 18th.  We were very proud of their ability and their deportment.  What a great experience it was for our young students to go out of their way to give something to someone else!  Thank you Mr. Telfer and choir members for the great job!  Thank you, Ms. Green and Mr. Strandjord for making this opportunity available to all of us in the District!


·        Lion’s Eye and Ear Screening

The Lion’s organization has annually come to Creslane to give a quick visual acuity screening to our young students.  They even will help families of need with the cost of full exams and glasses.  What an amazing group of retired people!  Two years ago they purchased a huge trailer/van to hold the screenings and enhanced their screenings to include hearing too.  They will test students grades 1-4 and all new students or recommendations in grades kindergarten and fifth.


Goal 2:        To increase the percentages of district students meeting and exceeding Oregon State Assessment Standards

Goal 3:        To build visible community pride in Creswell Public Schools, the school district will increase its engagement in the Creswell Community though expanded communications, collaboration, and involvement opportunities

·        Fourth Grade Science Fair:

We hope you have seen the pictures of the 4th grade science fair on the Creswell web-site (thank you Joel and team for the pictures).  Each student made a hypothesis and then completed an experiment to prove or disprove the hypothesis.  Each project was displayed in the cafeteria for parents to enjoy from 6:00-7:00 p.m. on February 9th.  We had almost 100% of our families represented. What a turn-out!  Great job, students, parents and teachers!


·        Fourth Grade State Writing Tests:

We have finished this year’s writing tests.  Hooray!  The teachers think they saw some good writing (although we aren’t supposed to look too closely - we would be tempted to “teach” rather than “test.J)  There are three prompts, and each child chooses one prompt to write about.  The students produced a rough draft, took some edit time and then wrote the final copy.  This process took about five days, but we allowed eight for absenteeism and make-up time.



Goal 5:        To realign the district budget to support district goals, keeping student achievement as top priority

·        We are currently pursuing another TAG grant, which will set up our ability to provide art, drama, and extensions of learning for those students with talents and opportunities for mental stimulation for the gifted students and/or the students with the potential to achieve.


·        Lane ESD has written and submitted a grant to increase the FTE of counseling services at Creslane.  We had contemplated writing our own grant, but the Federal Department is only awarding 44 grants country-wide.  We decided with the short turn-around time and the stiff competition, we would have a better chance of getting some of the money if we joined the 6-district consortium Lane ESD agreed to help.  The other districts include Pleasant Hill, Oakridge, If awarded, the grant could purchase from 0.5-.75 counseling FTE.  We will find out in June.  Thank you Ruby, for your investigative prowess! 


Creslane Site Council Meeting



Staff Room


Attendees:  Ginny Albright, Sean Ferrarese, Jacque Robertson, Sunny Guzman, Deb Jolda, Lynn Robertson, Crystal Reasoner



Background Checks:

Creslane has processed approximately thirty background checks on Creslane volunteers at a cost of about $5.00 per volunteer. By not doing a full finger printing Creslane along with other school districts can keep the cost down and still provide a safe environment for our students.  “Smart” and “Foster Grandparents” Programs pay for their own volunteer background checks.


Volunteer Follow-up:

A Creslane “key communicators” (undisclosed recipient) e-mail list has been developed to notify parents and community members of news concerning Creslane.  This will be used for notifications of emergencies, need for volunteers, and other important information.  We have received over 130 e-mail addresses and will continue to solicit our community and parents for more participants.


Volunteer Team Creation:

Yet to be developed


School-wide Plan:

Sandy Price from LESD has been helping to finalize our “School Wide Plan.”  Deadline for completion has been set for March 9th.  


Recycling efforts:

Garbage collecting has created a large financial burden on the district. To better minimize the cost and help the environment.  Ideas discussed included:

  1. Recycle more paper products
  2. Provide more recycling containers
  3. Replace Styrofoam trays and forks, with plastic re-washables
  4. Look at volunteer help after school hours to help clean out the recycle bins


Earth Day:

Earth Day Celebration at “Garden Lake Park, April 22nd. Sean Ferarese (CES), Anne O’Connell (CHS), Rod Germane (CMS) and have looked at environmental issues unique to Creswell.  It is important to rally the community, schools and businesses together in support a healthy, inviting community.  This is a nice way to


Budget Discussions: 

Discussion was held on areas of possible cuts, should cuts have to be made for the 2010-2011 school-year.  Everything in the Creslane budget was examined.


Grant Possibility

Ms. Robertson presented to the committee a new grant opportunity from a Federal Program in Guidance and Counseling.   The grant awards could be as much as $350,000 - $400,000 for three years.  Much of the ground work has already been done that was used for the “School Wide Title” plan and the Comprehensive and Guidance Framework.  Site council approved moving forward.