1.      Curriculum.PE/Health/6-12 Music.PE/Health curriculum work for this year has been completed.6-12 music is wrapping up


2.      Student Services.Athletic review committee.ARC has developed a timeline for completing handbook revisions for the June meeting.ARC also has a revised facilities use policy for posting this month (See Agenda Item 14).


3.      Labor Management Committee.LMC has three items on the agenda this month at Item 16 assuming LUBC has MOAs for the board to act upon.16.c. is recommended by board LMC representatives.The Creslane Site Council has been approved in the past.


4.      Other.

Item 07. a.Mr. Higdon will be putting the school calendar on the district web site.In order for the document to be formatted to serve needs of district patrons, Mr. Higdon will solicit input.

Item 13.Mrs. Heiss will outline the projected revenues available to the district for FY2009.In addition staff will present their preliminary budgets based on projected revenues.

Item 15.All licensed staff need to be notified of their renewal status by March 15th.Administrative recommendations will be included in board packets.

Item 17.HS graduation is June 6 and 8th grade promotion is June 9th.The board appoints presenters for each, with preference for board members who have family graduating/promoting.

Item 18.American Century is an addition to the 403(b) providers approved earlier by the board.