The regular school board meeting of the Board of Directors of Lane County School District #40, Creswell, Oregon, was held Wednesday, February 13, 2008 beginning at 7:00 P.M. in the Creswell School District Office Board Room, 998 A Street, Creswell, Oregon, 97426, with Chair Lee Kounovsky presiding.



                                                Gary Clark

                                                Ken Leatherman

                                                Chris Mattheisen

                                                Kathy Thompson




                                                David Eusted



ALSO PRESENT:              Dr. Rick Stuber, Superintendent

                                                Jennifer Heiss, Business Manager

                                                Ellen Adler, Director of Special Education/NCLB

                                                Jacque Robertson, Creslane Elementary Principal

                                                Shirley Burrus, CMS Principal

                                                Marilyn Cruzan, Administrative Secretary

                                                Hugh Turnbull, The  Chronicle




                01.          Action, establish a quorum

Mr. Kounovsky announced that a quorum of the board was present.


Mr. Kounovsky reported that


                02.          Pledge of Allegiance



                 03.         Visitors:  Mr. Kounovsky announced that if an audience member would   like to speak to the board on an agenda item this evening, there are forms to fill out by the door.


Mr. Kounovsky reported the following: Sgt. Mikeal W. Miller of Albany passed away on January 27, 2008 after being injured July 9, 2007 when his vehicle encountered and IED in Baghdad, Iraq.  He was assigned to the 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 2nd Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colorado; Army Private First Class Joshua A. R. Young


Page 2 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 2-13-08


of Riddle was killed in action on Monday, January 28, 2008 in Mosul, Iraq.  He was assigned to the lst Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, Fort Carson, Colorado.



04.              Action, approve agenda/add items

Ms. Mattheisen moved to approve the agenda.  Mr. Clark seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.



05.              Action, approve the January 16, 2008 Regular Board Meeting Minutes.

Mr. Clark moved to approve the January 16, 2008 regular board meeting minutes.  Ms. Mattheisen seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


06.            Information, Trustees Reports



07.               Information, Supervisors’ Reports

There were no questions on the supervisors’ reports.  Mr. Clark added to the high school report that the CHS Cheerleaders took second in the state competition. 


08.               Student Representative Report

The student representative was not present.  Mr. Kounovsky gave the student report.  Mr. Kounovsky also reported that the CHS cheerleaders took second place in the state competition. There is a state playoff  boys basketball game at the high school tonight.  There will be a donkey basketball game on Monday, February 18.  A Valentine/ Winter Formal dance will be held on February 23.


09.               Information, Business Manager Report.

   There were no questions on the Business Manager’s report.


10.               Information, Superintendent Report

Dr. Stuber reported that the district has obtained a conditional permit from the DEQ.  The permit should be issued this week.  After that  permit is issued the district will get an unconditional wetland permit from the DEQ. He also advised that the modular classrooms at Creswell Middle School will probably be declared surplus property.



11.               None. 





Page 3 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 2-13-08




12.            Action, Personnel Report

Mr. Clark moved to approve the personnel report.  Mr. Leatherman seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.              


13.           Action, adopt posted policies: IGBA & AR, IGBAE & AR, IGBAF-AR,         IGBAG & AR, IGBAH & AR, IGBAI & AR, IGBAJ & AR, IGBAK,             IGBAL-AR and JGDA/JGEA & AR.

Mr. Clark moved to adopt policies IGBA & AR, IGBAE & AR, IGBAF-AR, IGBAG & AR, IGBAH & AR, IGBAI & AR, IGBAJ & AR, IGBAK, IGBAL-AR and JGDA/JGEA & AR.  Mr. Leatherman seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


14.             Action, post policy JO-AR, Education Records Management

                 Mr. Kounovsky tabled this item until further notice.


15.             Discussion, working draft of proposed policy KH-AR, Public Gifts                     Guidelines.

 Mr. Kounovsky said he had requested this discussion after attending a               Booster Club meeting.  The Booster’s had some concerns on how this               policy was going to affect them.  He gave them a copy of the rough draft of      KH-AR and asked them for any comments they might have   Dr. Stuber stated  that the Boosters will meet with the board this spring to update the agreement   between the Boosters and the Board.  Concerns could be addressed at that         time.  Mr.  Kounovsky asked for board discussion before the policy goes to     the  policy committee on February 19. 


16.            Discussion, 2007-08 superintendent’s evaluation.

Dr. Stuber advised that there had not been any objections to the evaluation document.  He will send out the form and asked that the evaluations be returned by February 29 to the board chair.


17.            Discussion, 2007-08 school board evaluation.

There were no objections to the board evaluation document.  It will be sent out to board members and should be returned to the board chair by February 29.


18.            Discussion, hiring timeline for 2009-10 superintendent

Mr. Kounovsky suggested a board work session to discuss the hiring timeline for the next superintendent.  A board work session will be held on March 5 beginning at 6 :30 P.M. in the district office board room.


19.            Action, appoint Position 1 board member

Mrs. Thompson advised the board that two applications for the vacant board position number one held by Mr. Mark Risen were received.  Applications were reviewed by the board nominating sub-committee.   The committee is


Page 4 – Regular Board Meeting Minutes – 2-13-08



recommending that Mrs. Elena Connelly be appointed to fill the vacant

position.  Mrs. Thompson moved to appoint Mrs. Elena Connelly to position one.  Mr. Clark seconded and THE MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY.


Mrs. Heiss gave the oath of office to Mrs. Connelley.




ADJOURNMENT:     The board meeting adjourned at  7:45 P.M.                      





Dr. Rick Stuber,  Superintendent




Lee Kounovsky, Chair