1.      Curriculum.The Language Arts review is complete.I am awaiting final drafts of the learner outcomes from all buildings.Each building is also responsible for determining supplies and texts needed to replace old texts.


2.      Curriculum.Continuous improvement.I have sent out a request for feedback on having a Math review of our Success Team goals.So far, only one teacher has responded.


3.      Facilities.The MS project is moving along with design and drafting work.We are shooting for an April meeting with the cityís Planning Commission for a site review.All subcommittee meetings have been posted to the web site.


4.      Facilities.The long range maintenance plan developed by Mrs. Heiss last year has been updated.She is including the material in this monthís report.


5.      Student Services..


6.      Student Services.


7.      Hiring Policy.


8.      K-12 extracurricular policies and practices review.On deck for discussion this board meeting.


9.      Labor Management Committee.LMC met on March 7 and will meet again March 14.We are currently close to finalizing an MOA to revise current language regarding personal leave for teachers.LMC is also close to finalizing a draft policy regarding unpaid leave which should be ready for board review in April.LMC will continue sick leave bank discussions.


10. Negotiations.At LMC on March 7, it was agreed to set Tuesday nights at 6:00 p.m. for negotiations.CEA intends to be ready after Spring Break so the first meeting will be April 3rd and continue on a weekly basis until we have a tentative agreement.


11. Other.