Creslane School Board Report

March 14, 2007


Calendar:  March 5-9 – Classified Appreciation Week

March 7, 14, 21, 28 – Staff Meetings (2:30-3:15)

                   March 13 – Site Council (4:00-5:00)

                   March 15 – Positive Behavior Team Mtg.

                   March 15 – Language Arts “look/see” (8-11 Lane ESD)

                   March 19 – Guidance & Counseling Cadre mtg. (3:30)

                   March 20 – Ballet Assembly (1:00)

                   March 21 – Mighty Mustang Fun Time (9 & 12)

                   March 26-30 – Spring Vacation

                   April 2 – Cookie Dough Fundraiser

                   April 6 – State Records’ Day

                   April 6 – HeadStart students visit Kindergarten rooms

                   April 9 – Bridges Math Training (no students) (8:30-3:30)

                   April 10 – Site Council (4-5:00)

                   April 11, 12, 13 – Lions’ Hearing and Sight Screenings

                   April 16 – Cookie Dough Fundraiser Ends



               January 19, 2007                                    February 28, 2007       

Total:              571                                                        573

Kindergarten     69                                                                    69

First                 96                                                                      99

Second           105                                                          105

Third               94                                                            94

Fourth             97                                                            97

Fifth               110                                                           109


Classified Employee Appreciation Week:

It would be impossible to teach all of our students adequately without our classified employees.  The bus drivers get our students safely to and from school, and never display “road rage.”  The cooks feed our brains (and all the other parts too). The custodians keep the building maintained and always jump in to help with anything that needs help (the bleachers folded in/out, or the immediate clean up necessary in the bathroom).  The secretaries call home or get substitutes when any of us are ill, and are always available to administer “first aide” (bandages or coffee).  The lunchroom/recess assistants provide both the students and the staff a necessary break, and neither cold, rain, wind, or snow keep them inside (where it’s warm) when the children are here.  And, the classroom assistants give more adult attention to our children, helping them with social issues, academic concerns, health matters (head lice checks or emergency office visits), recess support, and getting on the correct bus.  We couldn’t do the great job we do without these folks.  Thank you Classified Employees!



Well, we’ve hit an all time high for the number of office referrals at Creslane!  The average office referrals per day in February were 3.84.  Remember last month was high with 2.06, and our previous high was 3.05 this last September.


There were 73 office referrals all together.  Twenty-two office referrals were committed by fifth graders, 19 by first graders, and 18 by fourth graders.  Kindergarten, second and third graders had the other 14 referrals. 


Fourteen referrals were committed on the bus, with the bus ride home being the worst time (11 in the p.m. and 3 in the a.m.)  26 office referrals were committed in the cafeteria and the playground between the half hour of 11:15 and 11:45. 


Five students caused 17 of the office referrals, and eight other students caused sixteen. 


Friday had a few more referrals (25) than Wednesday (21), but Wednesday was still a day of the week to be “feared.” By February 9th there were 23 office referrals, and between February 14th and the 28th there were 38 with February 16th having 15 office referrals by itself. 


Love was not in the air!


Bridges Mathematics:

Last year, the District’s Math Success Team identified Creslane’s lack of a school-wide math program a distinct weakness in the acquisition of permanent math skills.  The Creslane staff researched and investigated several scientifically researched models and selected Bridges as the best choice for Creslane students. 


We purchased the program and now need to receive training on how to use the program.  The dates for that training have been selected as April 9th and May 29th.  (The elementary school students will not be attending school those two days.  The high school and middle school will be in regular session).  Every teacher at Creslane has to be trained, and we are inviting all of our classroom assistants also.  The training will take place between 8:30-3:30 and will be held in two sections, one for primary (K-2) and one for intermediate (3-5).  Between training dates the staff will implement and experiment with identified portions of the program.  During the summer the staff will be fully trained and ready to plan for the following year for full implementation. 


The program has several components with a “hands on” problem solving approach incorporating necessary drill and practice.  The math skills are spiraled throughout the year, meaning that any particular skill will be presented several times in the year, each time developing the skill at a deeper level.  There is a sister school in the Portland area that has been using Bridges for several years and has agreed to be a support group for questions, concerns or brainstorming.  


Language Arts Curriculum:

This year is the adoption time for Language Arts in the State’s Seven-Year Adoption Cycle.  The District’s Language Arts Success Team (incorporating recommendations from last year’s Writing Success Team) has been meeting this year and came up with refined Learner Outcomes.  It was also recommended that Creslane needs a new reading program, since our old one is out of print, and we’ve never had a school-wide writing program. 


The Creslane portion of the Success Team will be meeting at Lane ESD on the morning of March 15th to peruse the curriculum purchased by the bigger districts in the area.  We would consider it a bonus if one of their chosen curriculums would meet our needs since we have so many students that transfer between the districts, especially Springfield and Cottage Grove.  We will not however, consider that the most important factor, but it is a good place to start.  We will also look for a reading program that incorporates good writing instruction.  The information we are getting now tells us that it is hard to find a reading curriculum with good writing skill instruction, so we may need to research separate programs. 


This team will make three or four recommendations to the Creslane staff. Representatives of these curriculum companies will be invited to woo us toward their product during our staff meeting times. Then, after our deliberations, we will choose a reading curriculum that fits the needs of Creslane students and matches our Learner Outcomes and the State Standards (our learner outcomes are derived directly from the State Standards). 


It is our goal to have the Language Arts Curriculum selection made before the end of the year.


Mighty Mustang Celebrations:

About twice a month, Creslane celebrates with a Mighty Mustang award ceremony.  During lunchtime, two “safe & considerate self-managers” are selected from each room. Each teacher determines the selection process for his/her room.  Most often this selection is a drawing using the Mighty Mustang tickets given throughout each day.  Adults who see students displaying behaviors that fit our rules give these tickets and a verbal acknowledgement of the appropriate behavior.  These tickets are deposited in a classroom container, from which the drawing ensues. 


The chosen students spin a wheel and receive a subsequent prize.  This month one of the prizes will be a fun activity with Ms. Robertson (me) on March 21st.  We have two separate times to meet the different and very complex schedules.  So far, sixteen students will be attending one of the two “parties.”  We have one more drawing before the 21st.


Fund Raisers:

You’ll notice on the “Calendar” that Creslane will be holding its yearly Cookie Dough fundraiser before April’s Board Meeting.  For interest’s sake, we added the money made by Barbara Sears, our Fund Raiser Guru since 2004 when she decided to take this project on.  Her efforts have provided Creslane with over $80,000 for reading materials, reading and behavioral motivators, computer tests, playground equipment and classroom supplies.  Way to go, Mrs. Sears!!!