1.K-8 Student Success Writing Team.Stuber contact.

††††††††††† Math and Writing Success Teams are scheduled to meet March 8th and did not meet in February.†† Items 1 and 2 are products of the districtís Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP).A third leg of the plan is to close the achievement gaps (CAG).Our CIP was reviewed by a state team, and we are awaiting the opportunity to meet with a consultant to improve our CIP. Such a training was scheduled the end of January but subsequently cancelled.CAG is a nefarious critter for which we need assistance.CAG addresses special education and English as a 2nd language (ESL) students in our plan.NCLB goals for closing the gap are murky, and bringing all CAG students to grade level is more theory than practice at this point.CAG will continue to be a curriculum goal.


2.K-12 Student Success Math Team.Stuber contact


3.K-12 Fine Arts-Foreign Language curriculum review team.Per policy, the area scheduled for 2005-6 review.†† Stuber contact.


4.Labor Management Committee.LMC met January 25th and heard from Contact/Professional Development Subcommittee relative to the 2006-7 calendar.Minutes are on the web.


5.LMC Contact Time and Professional Development subcommittees.They have met twice since 1/25 and will meet again with LMC on March 8.†† Minutes have been forwarded to the web site.


7.LMC No Child Left Behind subcommittee.


8.Athletic Review Committee.Lonn Robertson contact.ARC minutes are on the web.Dr. Robertson met with me and Mr. Ophus to discuss policies posted last month, and we have generated other policies for posting this month.These aforementioned policies are posted on the web.


9.Middle School Bond committee.Gary Clark contact.Mr. Clark has provided information to the Chronicle related to the MS facility.The steering committee met 3/2 and are proposing two action items this month.More information at Item 20 on the agenda.


10.RTEC, Regional Technology Education ConsortiumFreske/Ophus contacts.RTEC has proposed a new list of courses available next year.The offerings continue to expand and will play a large role for the districtís efforts within the expanded options program.


11.High School Graduation Policy Committee.Freske/Ophus contacts. This group last met 2/24 and those minutes have been posted to the web.


12.Pedestrian safety.Stuber contact.Most recent news here is that Lane County has proposed an upgrade to Harvey Road from the city limits north to Irish Lane.The first hearing was held last month and I prepared a letter in support of the upgrade.As described in the prospectus, the improvements would include curbs, sidewalks and bike lanes.I also met with Nathan Marple, who is developing the area west of the HS.He will meet with me at a later date when he has more information, but he did indicate that the project will include some upgrade to Nieblock from his development to Harvey.


13.Wellness Committee.Clark contact.WC policy EFA was adopted last month.WC next meets March 8th at 3:30 p.m.


14.Technology Committee.Higdon contact.TC continues to meet and develop a number of issues.Mr. Higdon keeps the board and public abreast of TC minutes via his board report also posted on the web.


15. District Safety Committee.DSC met 2/14 with no serious accident reports.DSC is working to close the HS quad area to vehicle traffic and beefing up enforcement to fire lane violations.DSC next meets 4/11 and is in the process of conducting quarterly safety inspections.


16.Above and Beyond recognition standards, Freske contact.A&B recognized several individuals at the February meeting.Next recognition will be June 14th at the HS Commons.


17.Policy Committee.Updates current policy, codifies new policy.†† Sells contactPC has distributed copies of a proposed policy regarding defibrillators, educational assistants, and the expanded options program to school administrators for input.These proposals/updates may be ready by March meeting, if not then, April.