Bond Steering Committee

March 2, 2006



Dave Eusted, Gary Clark, Ken Donner, Dell Beswick, Shirley Burrus, Jennifer Heiss


The bond steering met and established a tentative timeline:



     Start of informational campaign with Creswell Chronicle article



     Develop informational material for distribution

     Jennifer is to contact ad or public relations firms and obtain quotes for this service

     Start on video similar to the one used in the last campaignput on CD and mail to all households?

     Architect RFP



     Survey voters

     Identify architect



     Board consider ballot measure for November

Jennifer and Shirley will continue schools visits.

Jennifer will coordinate with the finance committee on incorporating the bond information into whatever spring budget event that is planned.

Shirley will plan an open house so that the community can see the issues at CMS.















Potential School (450 students) 65,000 square feet:

     20 regular classrooms 1000 sq. feet each

     2 computer labs 1000 sq. feet each

     2 science labs 1500 sq. feet

     2 special education classrooms 1200 sq. feet plus additional small rooms for special needs

     Music/band 2000 sq. ft. including storage for instruments and uniforms


     Multi purpose room

     Gym with seating

     Library/Media Center

     Locker rooms

     Staff area

     2 staff bathrooms

     Work area separate from staff area

     Office including an office for the Principal

     Counselor office

     Detention room

     Hallways wide enough for 2 way traffic and lockers


Additional bond request


     District storage building between modulars and bus barn