Creswell Middle School Board Report

June 2, 2004


Enrollment – 291 Students

                                        6th Boys   39        Girls    55

                                        7th Boys   48        Girls    50

                                        8th Boys   47        Girls    52


6th Graders – just completed their science inquiry work samples.  They are scored/graded according to the Oregon State Science Inquiry Scoring Guide. The 6th graders finished a drama unit in Language Arts.


7th Graders– participated in their annual rafting trip on June 1st or 2nd.


8th Graders – are on their way to central Oregon for an overnight field trip.  They will visit the Lava Tubes, Newberry Volcano, Pine Mountain Observatory, Smith Rock, and the High Desert Museum.  They will be spending the night at Pilot Butte Middle School.


8th Grade Promotion – will be held at CHS on June 7th at 7:00 p.m. The 8th grade parents are planning a party/dance for the students immediately following the Promotion, which will take place in the High School Common Area.


Elective Classes – The Chronicle had a nice article on Mr. Mercer’s archery class.  I will attach a copy.

                                 Students have also ranked their favorite elective choices for next year.


5th Graders - are taking AR quizzes at the middle school today.  This will help determine their reading place for next year.


Staff In-service – On May 17th CMS Staff members attended a half-day in-service in our library on Questioning Strategies presented by Dr. Tanner.  This was part of or CSR Action Plan. 


CSR Grant – (Comprehensive School Reform) The CSR Team presented our 04-05 action plan on May 25th up in Salem  - so we are now waiting to hear if we will receive the whole amount of $165,000.  We did receive notification that our application for an additional $15,000 was approved.  These funds will be used for in-services, summer school, other professional development, planning time for staff and supplies.


EBS Team – has planned the last day of school for 6th and 7th graders.


Skills for Success Program – will be implemented next year with dollars from the Safe Schools, Healthy Student Grant.  Our teachers have nominated students for that class.  We interviewed for the instructor position on Monday. I recommend that we hire Charles F. Whittington to fill that position.  He works well with our students and staff. He is also highly qualified in several curricular areas, which is very important for this position.