Creslane School Board Report

June 9, 2004



Emergency Response/Safe Schools/Safety Committee/ Alcohol Prevention: 

There is a lot of work happening to make our schools safer.  Jan Ophus is heading the newly revised Safety Committee.  This is a committee that is a requirement under OSHA.  Sherry Burrus and Ken Donner are working to renew interest in Alcohol Prevention.  They are concerned that alcohol consumption by middle schoolers is on the increase.  I am working with Lane ESD on helping us develop a Creswell School District Emergency Response Plan that includes Tragedy Response plans. The Safe Schools and Healthy Students’ Grant helps us financially with everything except the Safety Committee.          


Read At Home:         

For the last RAH celebration of the year, some U. of O. athletes came to Creslane and signed t-shirts.  We had 138 students achieve the goal.  The athletes that came were Jay Anderson (basketball), Jordan Kent (basketball), Kerry Baird (soccer), and Dominique Laing (soccer goalie).  We always have so much fun with these young people, and they give our kiddos such a great message.  They support the sports, but they also encourage the children in their reading and citizenship.  They expressed desire to return, and we’ll make sure they get an invitation!!



May 20th the Creslane Choir gave a choir concert for their parents.  Keira Brown and I agree the children have made incredible progress in the short time they’ve had a program.  Keira was hired in late November and the choir didn’t get going until about the beginning of February.  During the concert they displayed good musicianship, teamwork, excellent attention to Mrs. Brown and a joy in their performance.


Then on Friday, May 28th, Keira gave a fifth grade demonstration to parents on the music skills fifth graders were exposed to during the year.  It was educational, fun, and active.  Parents and teachers participated in some of the activities.  Thank you, Keira for your dedication to a valuable and necessary component of elementary education!



Creslane was issued a check from Box Tops for Education for $642.38.  This money is designated for reading needs.  We have used past Box Top money for Reading Counts tests, Monster Cookies for Read At Home winners, and some necessary primary reading workbooks.


Lock Down:

On Wednesday, May 26th a window was mysteriously broken in a north pod first grade classroom.  The children were not in the room at the time.  However, a student teacher was working on the computer in the room when it happened.  I was contacted.  At first glance it appeared to be broken either by a rock or a gun shot.  I got the children in off the playground and made a “This is a lock down.” announcement.  Everything went well.  The children were well behaved and in control.  The teachers did a great job too.  Officer Campbell came and went over the scene.  We found the rock.  It was not broken by a gun shot.  We gave the “all clear.”  Notes were sent home explaining the event that afternoon.  The staff had a debriefing after school.  We identified some weak points, but overall felt things went well.




                        Kindergarten – 90

                        First Grade – 86

                        Second Grade – 104

                        Third Grade – 85

                        Fourth Grade – 84

                        Fifth Grade – 78

Total:  527                   



Yikes!  What a month!  We had the worst average yet 2.0 office referrals per day!  The good news is that three days during May were the all time worst.  May 6th had 6 office referrals, there were 6 more on May 20th, and May 21st had 5.  There’s nothing that really points to why these three days were so bad (full moon, weather front moving in, dress up day, etc.) according to the events occurring at that time.  However, two of the days were Thursdays.  Does that mean anything?


Writing and Math Problem Solving Test Scores:

This year’s scores were very disappointing.  State-wide there has been concern about the math scores, but our writing scores were not good either.  The fifth grade teachers and I met and discussed the results.  We don’t have any real hard rationale yet, but it is interesting to explore the possibilities.


Site Council:

No Site Council meeting as of this date.