1.    Curriculum.  Doing some organizational work for 2009-2010 Science review.  Mrs. Price has been updated on the curriculum model and will be making some decisions toward next steps regarding the science review.


2.    Facilities.  See Business Manager reports.


3.    Public Relations. 


4.    Staff.  LMC is done for the year.  LMC may want to consider the teachers on the Finance Committee for inclusion as an approved committee next year.


5.    Agenda items.

            #14.  Handbook changes were emailed to the board and hard copies will be available at the board meeting.

            #15. Attached memoranda are from OSEA and CEA.  Other bargaining groups have given an oral approval to the 12 days, dates, and provisions included in the two memoranda.  We will post the dates on the school web site as soon as they are approved.

            #16.  Changes to the AD job description were emailed by the committee chair.  Ms. Mattheison will email any suggested changes she receives to the board prior to the meeting.  The board does not need to post job descriptions and can adopt at this meeting.

            #17 Sponsorship policies were posted last month.  We have received no comments.

            Calendar.  The next board meeting will be set by the board vice-chair upon consultation with Mrs. Price.



                        Reid Anderson of GLaS made and donated an office desk for use in the MS principal’s office.  Estimated value:  $1200.00


            Good bye.  I attended the retirement function for a colleague once and at the lectern he said his good byes and that he would always be an ambassador for the district.  Now I know how he felt.  Creswell is a great community with even greater public schools; primarily because the employees and school supporters care and are passionate about the students.  I was/am honored to have worked with and for the constituents and students.  I wish the best for our new superintendent and I know you will continue a true professional relationship in the manner you have afforded me.  So…good bye…and thank you.