MEETING DATE:       01-15-03         DATE PREPARED: 01-08-03


AGENDA ITEM:         #10A   AGENDA TITLE: Supt Report, Athletic Exp.


ITEM PREPARED BY: Stuber                        ITEM REQUESTED BY: Chair


SUMMARY: The board chair requests an accounting of category expenditures for

athletics and to respond to some rumors.




            1.  The money donated to athletics is receipted and expended at the

District Office level.  Attached is a Creswell High School Athletic Fund

report dated January 6, 2003 which was submitted by the Business Manager at

my request.

            2.  Requests for expenditure from this fund come from the High School, but

the check is written at the DO.

            3.  Do not confuse the High School Athletic Fund with all the other various

student accounts.  Expenditures from the student accounts are done in a

different manner and fund raisers for these accounts are not under the

purview of the DO.

            4.  Note on the report that there are three primary sources of revenue to

the account.  Note too, that once the money is in the account it pretty much

loses its source identity.

            5.  Money that was donated or raised specifically for salaries was spent

for that purpose.  When you look at the amounts for expenditures besides

salaries and compare that with the revenue amounts other than donations you

can see the revenue side is higher and therefore no donated money was used

for these items.

            6. Keep in mind that a fund raising committee determined that the funds

donated should be prioritized.  The first tier was for head coach salaries,

the second tier for assistants and a third tier for other needed supplies.

Donations have been tracked and are spent as specified by the committee.

            7.  Keep in mind that the various sports at the HS had funds of their own

at the beginning of the year and "donated" them to the pot of money for

paying coaches.  This was not done until September so there may have been

some expenditures from these "athletic" funds before they ultimately donated

them to the HS Athletic Fund.

            8.  There were a few anomalies along the way.

                A.  Boys basketball uniforms were purchased this year.  They were

ordered however last spring before the decision to cut sports was made and

the process for ordering and making the uniforms made it impractical to

cancel the order.

                B.  The football team was allowed to have a fund raiser for uniforms

and this permission was also granted prior to the fund raising committee

setting their priorities so the football fundraiser was allowed to proceed.

                C.  A volleyball fundraiser was conducted without the prior approval of

the AD and funds were spent on warm-ups I believe.

                D.  A cheerleading fundraiser was conducted for an out-of-state trip

without the prior approval of the AD (or HS principal and board) as required

for such a trip.  This fundraising was discontinued with some of the

proceeds used to buy uniforms.

            9.  I don't have a record of anything that the Boosters may have provided

the athletic department or individual athletes.  If there were any such

items, there may be some confusion as to where the monies came from to

purchase them and these items may be mistakenly accredited to the HS

Athletic Fund.



Dr. Rick Stuber

Superintendent of Schools

Creswell Schools


Board Report 10B, January 2003

Dr. Rick Stuber


            1.  In May 2002 we prepared a budget with anticipation that the September

measure would pass.   Money was budgeted for all three buildings in the

amount the measure would restore to our budgets.  The high school and middle

school "set aside" their portions of the money in their respective budgets.

If the measure passed they were going to spend the money on designated

items.  The elementary budgeted as though the measure would pass and is

spending the money on items this first semester that were targeted to be cut

if the measure had failed.


            2.  In September the measure passed.  An important caveat to that passage

was the deferral of the May school payments to July.  At the same time, the

state found itself to be strapped again and decided to run another measure

in January.  At this time I told the building administrators to hold off

spending the September money until the January measure was resolved.


            3.  This month we await the results of Measure 28.  Cuts the HS and MS made

to set aside funds will remain if 28 fails.  If 28 passes, the HS and MS

will have some extra money to restore for expenditure.  If 28 passes,

Creslane will be okay.  If 28 fails Creslane will need to cut $45,000

immediately and since no cuts were made prior to January, and presuming

their remedy is to cut personnel, they will need to cut the same amount of

service over a shorter period of time to make up the difference.  At the

January 6, 2003 Creslane Site Council meeting several cuts were identified

however the final decision rests with Ms. Robertson.  If Measure 28 fails we

will be cutting RIF letters post haste.


            4.  There is a difference in the September and January Measure amounts.

September's restoration is about $15,000 shy of January's cut.  So if the

January measure fails, not only does Creslane need to cut $45,000 they will

also have to cut their pro rata amount of the $15,000 difference and the

other two buildings will need to make a similar cut.


            5.  Not to be confused with Measure 28 is the recent December forecast that

the state is short more income tax revenue.  The December forecast hits our

district with an additional $96,000 cut which we will need to make prior to

this year ending since the governor has determined that there is no remedy

to restore the funding.


            If Measure 28 fails, Creslane will need to cut its current program to

preserve $45,000.  Then, the district needs to cover the $15,000 difference

between the two measures somehow, plus the district will need to deal with

the $96,000 December forecasted shortage.  So, save cuts we already have

made or will make, we have a $111,000 shortage without looking at the May



            If all the cuts come to pass, they will be taken from our May payment,

which, due to the language in the September Measure will not now hit our

district until July...if at all.



            Without the May payment being made until July, the district has a cash

problem.  We need to pay bills and payroll in May and June but won't have

money from the state to do so.  The district does have a contingency fund

aside from dollars designated for expenditure and the district can expend

from that fund with school board approval.  The contingency fund can be used

to offset the deferred payment but it is not healthy enough to cover the

full amount.  The contingency could also be used to offset the December

shortage and the $15K Measures difference, but that restricts our ability to

survive May and June without borrowing money.


            Finally, the district has money in reserve which the district can spend but

that requires approval from the budget committee and expenditure from the

reserves creates a cash flow problem at the beginning of the year.  Our

reserve is not real healthy either compared to some districts and I doubt I

will recommend expenditure from that unless I was positive we are actually

going to get our May payment on July 1st.


            There are no cuts from next year's budget if Measure 28 fails, rather the

cuts will have to be made this year.  I won't know where all those will be

yet, but I should have some preliminary plan by the 15th.  This is an item

that our Strategic Planning Finance Committee has been working on as well as

the Business Manager.  We have gone into a spending freeze of sorts, but

there is little discretionary spending at all due to the cuts already made.


            If Measure 28 fails and the legislature/governor fail to restore funding

the net effect next year of the state fiscal cuts plus all the additional

costs associated with  PERS, insurance, and payroll will add up to a lot of

things getting cut.  We are in a triage process now to determine what we are

doing that the state or district policy does not require of us so that we

can identify programs and personnel that will have to go next year.


            I do not have anything further to suggest for the time being.  I have asked

the chair to conduct a special board meeting on February 5th.  At that time

the Measure's fate will be known, I will have received some input from the

Finance Committee, the principals will have identified what cuts they need

to make to offset the additional $15,000 shortage if 28 fails and what

additional cuts they need to make if the December forecast shortage impacts

us with another $96,000 shortage ,and the Business Manager can brief us all

on what our cash flow situation is going to look like without the May



Dr. Rick Stuber

Superintendent of Schools

Creswell Schools







MEETING DATE:     01-15-03    DATE PREPARED: 01-08-03


AGENDA ITEM:      #12   AGENDA TITLE: Policies IM-AR and IKF-AR


ITEM PREPARED BY: Stuber      ITEM REQUESTED BY: Policy Committee


SUMMARY: The board posted the two ARs last month.  The Policy Committee

chair is recommending action at this meeting.


SUPERINTENDENT'S ADVICE: Adopt Policies IM-AR and IKF-AR as posted.





There are not any recommended changes to the ARs, therefore as a tree-saving

gesture they have not been reprinted.



Dr. Rick Stuber

Superintendent of Schools

Creswell Schools









MEETING DATE:     01-15-03    DATE PREPARED: 01-08-03


AGENDA ITEM:      #11   AGENDA TITLE: 2003-2004 calendar




SUMMARY: Last month a draft version of the 2003-2004 school calendar was

presented for comment.


SUPERINTENDENT'S ADVICE: Adopt calendar as presented.




Posted calendar



Dr. Rick Stuber

Superintendent of Schools

Creswell Schools