Creswell Middle School Board Report

January 8, 2003


December Newsletter- Attached


Enrollment –  6th grade   95

                        7th  grade  106

                        8th grade   90


Attendance – We are targeting perfect attendance.  (P.A.W.-Perfect Attendance Wanted)  120 students that had perfect attendance and no tardy referrals between November 12th and December 13th were invited to the Burrus Bash. They celebrated with ice-cream sundaes.   The next Burrus Bash Celebration will take place on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.


Canned Food and Money Drive. CMS students and staff donated  $370.00 and over 1000 cans of food to the Creswell Food Bank.


Crisis Plan Training – We had 3 Code Purple practice drills during the month of December.  The first practice took place when all students were in advisory and then we did two more during the lunch periods.


Social Studies – Kendra Prickett’s 6th grade social studies classes performed historical plays.  The students created their own scenery, props and costumes.  Several parents came in to watch the productions.  (There was an article and photo in the Chronicle.)


Management Strengths at CMS - We have several active committees and teams at CMS. 

·       Our Site Council meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7:45 am. 

·       STAT – Student Teacher Assistance Team meets the first Wednesday of every month.  This is an intervention for students who are not SPED.  Each grade level team chooses 1 student a month that they feel would benefit from some type of intervention. 

·       TIGER TEAM  - meets twice a month. This team consists of one member from each grade level team, 1 SPED teacher, 1-shared staff member, a classified employee, a grant coordinator, counselor and administrator.  This team deals with the day-to-day issues and problems that come up.

·       Grade Level Teams

·       CSRD Grant Team

·       EBS Team – meets monthly to review our Effective Behavior Support System, SWIS data and to plan boosters.  

·       Student Council meets twice a month.

·       Leadership Class – reports and carries out activities for the student council.


CSRD Grant Update – Our CSRD Grant Team will meet in Salem next week to review our Implementation/Action plan. Accelerated Math seems to be going well. Students and staff continue to report positive feedback.  By Tuesday, January 14th all students will be enrolled in Accelerated Reader. This provides our staff with a baseline account of their reading ability.  


Tobacco Prevention- The Healthy Teen Survey will be conducted on February 10th and 11th for all 8th grade students.  The 6th graders will be involved in a research project, on January 13th and 14th called The Tobacco Use Prevention Program of Healthy Teens.  This targets tobacco use among middle school students.


Facilities Committee – This committee (a subcommittee of the Strategic Planning Committee) will met on 1/14 at 6:45 AM in the CMS library. 


Winter Sports – The girl’s basketball season will end next week. The District wrestling meet will take place on Saturday January 18th at Lincoln Middle School.  8th grade boy’s basketball will begin on January 16th and the 7th grade boy’s team will begin on January 21st.