MEMORANDUM From the department of technology

~ Creswell public schools ~

“Preparing Students for success”


to:                  Creswell Board of Directors and superintendent price

from:              JOEL HIGDON, Technology Director

subject:          January board report

date:              1/7/2010




·            As you may know, effective January 10 Oregon will have a new 458 Area Code.   The district is ready for this new area code and the accompanying new dialing procedures.    This additional area code has made it necessary to now dial the full 10 digit telephone number for all local calls.  For our district this meant updating our phone systems to accommodate the new area code and 10 digit dialing procedures.  It also required us to update our auto dialing messenger systems at the high school and middle school.  Our fire alarm auto dialing systems needed updating as well. 


·            Our District Office will be getting a new voicemail system.  The current system has become faulty.  A notable new feature in the replacement system is email notifications of new voicemails.  With this feature District Office staff will be able to receive new voicemail notifications and in turn listen to their messages from email while out of the office; giving staff the ability to respond to a message more readily.  The replacement timeline has the new voicemail system online in 2-3 weeks.          


·            Our High School has 5 additional security cameras.  Installation occurred over the winter break for these new cameras along with an accompanying new digital recording unit.  I had previously coordinated the camera placement with Mr. Mounce and Ms. Collins.  The new equipment and camera placements will help campus safety and security.  


·             I am working with our school and district office staff to submit the 2nd Quarter Cumulative ADM (Average Daily Membership) Collection/Report.  This report is due by January 15.   The report is submitted electronically to the Oregon Department of Education.  There are several contributing factors involved with tabulating the data from our Pentamation system.  The attention to detail and dedication of our school and district office staff is very much appreciated. 



Thank you.