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January is "School Board Recognition Month" and this is an excellent time to express appreciation to our dedicated and visionary school board members:  Chairperson Mr. Gary Clark, Vice-Chair Mrs. Kathy Thompson, Ms. Elena Connelly, Mr. David Eusted, Mrs. Barbara Jenkins, Mrs. Tammy Leatherman and Mrs. Jacki Pruitt.   According to the National School Boards Association, school boards can support student achievement by focusing on: vision, standards, assessment, accountability, alignment, climate, collaborative relationships and continuous improvement. Through their actions in these eight areas, school boards can continually put student achievement at the center of what they do and can engage educators as well as community members as they do it.  In honor of our Creswell School District Board of Directors, we proclaim the following:

WHEREAS, school boards create a vision for what students should know and be able to do;

WHEREAS, school boards establish clear standards for student performance;

WHEREAS, school boards ensure that student assessments are tied to established standards;

WHEREAS, school boards are accountable to the community for operating schools that support student achievement;

WHEREAS, school boards align school district resources to ensure that students meet standards;

WHEREAS, school boards create a climate that supports the philosophy that all children can learn at high levels;

WHEREAS, school boards build collaborative relationships based on trust, teamwork and shared accountability; and

WHEREAS, school boards are committed to continuous education and training on issues related to student achievement;

NOW, THEREFORE, we hereby declare our appreciation to the members of the Creswell School Board and proclaim the month of January to be School Board Recognition Month. I urge all citizens to join us in recognizing the dedication and hard work of local school board members in preparing today's students for tomorrow's world.





Submitted by Ruby Price, Superintendent, Creswell School District


Our hallways and classrooms are again filled with students, staff, and volunteers as we move forward into 2010, re-energized to accomplish the district’s vision and goals.  However, it is not enough to set goals and make plans.  Admirable as these goals are, without specific plans of action and the WILL to take the action, they are meaningless. 


We are starting off the New Year with something new.  Posted on the Creswell School District website is our newly drafted district-wide action plan.  This plan is designed to delineate steps that the district will take during 2009-10 to achieve each one of the district goals which were generated by the Creswell school community and approved by the Creswell School District Board of Directors in the fall of 2009.  I believe as you peruse this document, you will be able to identify many areas in which much progress toward goal accomplishment is already in evidence. 


For example, the Creswell School District is participating in the Creswell City Video project, which is a partnership with Rick Dancer Media Services to publish video stories on line to promote our community and provide better communication with the public.  Since the project’s inception a few short months ago, the city and school district have partnered with the Creswell Boosters and several local businesses including Creswell 76, Ray’s Food Place, and the Super 8 Motel to celebrate the many success stories that are happening throughout our schools and greater community.  You can now view all the stories on either the city’s website: or the Creswell school District’s website:   Setting up this Vimeo capability has allowed the district website to also feature Creswell students “taking care of Creswell” as they give generously of their time and talents to serve this community. Take a moment to explore and discover why Creswell Public Schools are becoming a destination site!


This partnership/effort is a direct response to fulfill Creswell School District Goal 3:  “To build visible community pride in Creswell Public Schools, the school district will increase its engagement in the Creswell community through expanded communications, collaboration, and involvement opportunities.”


Agenda item summary:


Agenda item 12.       Superintendent Debbie Egan from the Lane Education Service District will review the Local Service Plan report and highlight the services that are provided to the Creswell School District; preview of service plan for 2010-11.


Agenda item 13.       Recommend approval of personnel report.


Agenda item 14.       Recommend approval of audit report.


Agenda item 15.       Recommend posting of policies IKF and IKF-AR Diplomas to incorporate new language recommended by Oregon School Boards Association.   Recommend approval of JFCH Alcohol; new language is very clear and consequences are consistent with expectations explicitly defined.


Agenda item 16.       Recommend approval of addendum to CHS and/or CMS Handbooks.  New language in student handbooks ( CMS and CHS) is aligned with board policy.


Agenda item 17.       Recommend approval of EDGE Reading, Writing & Language Instruction materials, published by National Geographic School Publishing, for use at CHS in the English as a Second Language Program Grades 9-12.


Agenda item 18.       Recommend approval of OSEA MOA Committee Compensation to support the valuable contributions that Creswell classified staff members make to the district as well as licensed.


Agenda item 19.       Review the opportunity for the Creswell School District to be part of Oregon’s application for the federal Race to the Top grant.


Agenda item 20.       Recommend approval for joint funding (District and OEA) of Board/CEA negotiation training/workshop.