1.      Curriculum.The Language Arts Student Success Team will meet February 15th.Some team members have been previewing texts for adoption.


2.      Facilities.The MS design teams and specialty teams have been meeting on design features.Minutes have been posted to the web site.Round two with the architect is scheduled for the week of January 8th.Geological site work continues.†† More information on the Business Managerís Report.

3.      Student Services.Updates will be made at this monthís board meeting.


4.      Hiring Policy.This policy is in development and a draft is anticipated for the February board meeting.


5.      K-12 extracurricular policies and practices review.The board chair is scheduling a review of the Athletic Handbook for March.


6.      Labor Management Committee.†† LMC will meet January 17.


7.      Negotiations.The Boardís NC will meet January 9 and a work session is scheduled for January 10 at 6:30 p.m.


8.      Other.†† LMC board members are drafting a sample unpaid leave policy.