The Finance Subcommittee (a component of the Strategic Planning Committee)

will be holding a meeting on Monday, February 3, 2003 at 6:30 pm in the High School

Library or Commons, depending on interest.  Library is preferred because the

acoustics are much better, however if a large group is present the Commons

will be used.


            I pass along the following information:


1.  The Subcommittee.  The Finance Subcommittee is not charged with making

the final decisions.  They will make a recommendation to the school board.

The Subcommittee was selected to hear this information because they are

familiar with the school budget, they have worked on other projects related

to the budget, they have representation from the public and Budget Board,

and as a sounding board they were already in place.


2.  The Subcommittee agenda for Monday, the 3rd.  The Subcommittee has a

number of issues:

            A.  How deep is the hole?  The shortfall from the state varies by some

known-s: i.e. the amount lost through Measure 28 and the December shortfall

which doesn't look to be restored; and some unknowns:  i.e. what is, or if

there is, a March shortfall, and the impact of the May transfer or if that

money exists.

            B.  Based on the depth of the hole, what action should the District pursue?

                        i) Should contingency money be used?  The District has $250,000 here but

may need some for other unknown emergency(ies).  The hole could be as deep

as 7-800,000 dollars and in that case could not be covered by the

contingency alone.

                        ii) Should the district borrow money?  Whatever is borrowed needs to be

repaid which reduces budgets for ensuing years and effectively postpones

cuts without guaranteeing restoration in the future.

                        iii) If positions are cut, how are they done with the least impact on

students and the educational program?

                        iv) If days are to be deleted from the calendar, how many and how will

they be dispersed?  On this matter, there is a need to negotiate with the

bargaining units depending on the shortage determined at 2.A., i.e. if we

are going to run out of money this year sometime despite using all available

revenue, we will have to lock up.

                        v) Other.  I don't presume the items i - iv to be the complete agenda.


3.  Audience participation.  Given the deliberations, it is prudent to note

that this is a committee meeting held in public, but it is not a "town hall"

type public meeting.  Input will need to be controlled by the chair so that

the committee can complete its work in an organized and timely manner.  The

committee will ask questions of those people they need information from and

there may not be an opportunity for questions from all who have them.

Therefore, I'd recommend:

            A.  Any CEA member with a question(s)/information should forward it to Dave

Nickelson.  His input will likely be requested from the committee.

            B.  Any OSEA member with a question(s)/information should forward it to

Sandra Scaife.  Her input will likely be requested from the committee.

            C.  Any member of the public with information requests should prepare them

in writing and forward them to the chair at the meeting or prior to the

meeting.  The Chair is Kim Meyers and her email address is or

you can leave her a message at my email address or via the district office.


            The School Board will consider the subcommittee's recommendation at a

Special Board Meeting scheduled for 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 5th.


            I am requesting all district administrators to broadcast email this

information to all employees under their supervision, and for the

information to also be posted on the district web site as well as a bulletin

board in each of the district's work sites.


Dr. Rick Stuber

Superintendent of Schools

Creswell Schools