Creswell Middle School Board Report

February 6, 2003


Enrollment – 6th grade  -- 50 females / 48 males = 98 

                        7th grade – 55 females / 52 males = 107 

                        8th grade – 54 females / 38 males = 92

                        Total = 297


School Report Card  - Overall Rating  -- Strong  -- See attached.


Attendance – We are continuing to target perfect attendance.  (P.A.W.-Perfect Attendance Wanted)     The next Burrus Bash Celebration will take place on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.


Accelerated Reader – Our CMS students are excited about the new AR program that officially started 2 weeks ago.  During the past 2 weeks, 152 students have read and tested on an AR book that is at their reading level.  Here is an example of some data. Our 6th graders average book level is 5.2 and their average percent correct on tests is 80.6.


Accelerated Math - AM is being used in all math classes and the average practice and test scores range from 80 – 85 %.


Drama – Rich Bowden’s Drama Class performed Romeo and Juliet for a school assembly.


Tobacco Prevention- The Healthy Teen Survey will be conducted on February 10th and 11th for all 8th grade students. 


Facilities Committee – This committee (a subcommittee of the Strategic Planning Committee) will met on 2/11/03 at 6:45 AM in the CMS library. 


Winter Sports –  The Boys Basketball season is underway.  We have a huge turn out.  Thirty 7th grade boys and sixteen 8th grade boys are playing basketball.  The District Wrestling meet was held on January 18th.   We had 1 Champion and 4-second place finishers!


Rich Bowden – Rich successfully defended his Master’s Thesis up at OSU.