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Superintendent’s Report – February 10, 2010

Ruby Price


The Creswell school community continues to move forward this year in so many positive ways.  In evidence throughout the district, you will see dedicated staff and volunteers keeping student learning as a top priority, maximizing and directing resources to support teaching and learning, in classrooms and extensions thereof (athletic events, extra-curricular activities).   I would like to highlight some community efforts which are greatly contributing to the creation of educational environments where students can thrive, learn, and grow, free of distractions. 


Creating Safe School Environments for Creswell students:


The Creswell School District is working closely with Lane County District Attorney Alex Gardner concerning a new danger to our children –sexting. Sexting is the term given to the act of juveniles sharing sexually explicit or nude cell phone photos of themselves or others. It is our belief that this type of activity is best addressed by parental involvement and education.  Mr. Alex Gardner will be working closely with Lane County schools to develop educational programs that enlighten our children to this danger.  


In addition to the work with District Attorney Gardner, Creswell School District administrators are collaborating with teachers, parents, and community members to take preventive measures to ensure Creswell students are not endangered by this new phenomenon. As a first step, Creswell School District is hosting a district-wide Parent/Community Forum on February 22nd at 6:30 PM at Creswell Middle School to proactively address issues of student harassment and sexting.  Mr. Winston Cornwall, from the Civil Rights section of the Oregon Department of Education, will be the featured speaker at the forum. Creswell parents, teachers, staff members, patrons, and community members are all invited to come be part of this group effort to ensure that we create safe and supportive school environments for all of our students. 


The Creswell School Board is taking the lead in this effort by reviewing new policy JFCF at the February board meeting, with the goal being to create schools free of hazing, harassment, intimidation, menacing, bullying, and cyberbullying.  Watch for the policy to be posted on the district website for parent and patron review; we welcome any and all comments, concerns, or ideas.


Increasing school district engagement with the Creswell Community:


I am pleased to be able to report on a couple of the latest partnerships between our schools and agencies that provide support for Creswell families. 


When times get hard, Creswell residents often travel to the Community Sharing Program in Cottage Grove for assistance.  As of the 28th of January, this will no longer be the only option, as the City of Creswell and the Creswell Community Action Alliance have facilitated a pilot project allowing the Community Sharing Program to open a satellite office in the Creswell Community Center.  The Community Sharing Program provides an array of services to meet the basic human needs for food, housing, utilities and clothing for South Lane County residents, which includes Creswell and surrounding rural areas.  Services, which include: homelessness prevention, utility assistance, non-narcotic prescription assistance, rehousing the homeless, and a goods and services voucher program will now be available to income eligible individuals and families right here in Creswell.  To help raise local awareness about these community assistance services, the Community Sharing Program and the City of Creswell have begun a partnership with the Creswell School District.  Developing such a partnership with the Creswell School District will help to ensure that parents of students enrolled in each of Creswell’s schools are aware of the Community Sharing Program’s presence in Creswell. 


This partnership between the Community Sharing Program, the City of Creswell, and the Creswell School District will involve directly linking the District’s Homeless Liaison, Kim Jordan, with the Community Sharing Program’s local Case Worker, Lise Colgan.  Developing this type of direct connection will be the most effective and efficient means of connecting families belonging to the Creswell School District with the resources now available locally via the Community Sharing Program.  In summary, developing this partnership will directly align with Creswell School District’s 3rd Goal, which specifically notes that the Creswell School District will “increase its engagement in the Creswell Community through expanded communications, collaboration, and involvement opportunities.”


Lastly, on April 22, 2010, people from all around the world will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.  Out of a recent conversation with Creswell High School teacher, Anne O’Connell, came an initiative that the City of Creswell should hold its own Earth Day Celebration in Garden Lake Park as a way to bring the community together, educate Creswell’s youth, and encourage local environmental awareness.  Watch for more information which will be coming to you over the next two months. 


The collaboration between Creswell Public Schools, parents, and community members, which is resulting in dynamic partnerships and increased opportunities for students throughout the district, is exciting to see.  The list is too long to highlight all here, but each partnership contributes greatly to the vitality of this school district and creates immeasurable opportunities for teaching and learning.


Agenda item summary:


Agenda item 12.         Recommend Board approval of Lane ESD Local Service Plan 2010-11; The Board received a comprehensive review of the proposal by Lane ESD Superintendent Egan at the January board meeting.


Agenda item 13.         Recommend Board approval of OSEA MOA – Committee Compensation.  Provides vehicle for reimbursement to classified employees for serving on Board approved committees for the District outside of regular working hours; similar to licensed reimbursement authorized under CEA Agreement, Article 13.


Agenda item 14.         Recommend approval of personnel report.


Agenda item 15.         Recommend adoption of policies IKF and IKF-AR Diplomas which incorporate new language recommended by Oregon School Boards Association for graduation requirements.


Agenda item 16.         Recommend posting of policies as per agenda.  At the December 9, 2009 Board meeting, the Board had adopted Policy JFCF/GBNA and JFCF/GBNA-AR.   OSBA has recommended that this policy be separated into two distinct policies, one for staff, and one for students as identified for Board review.   Policies addressing Hazing/Harassment/Intimidation/Menacing/Bullying/Cyberbullying, to be reviewed by parents, patrons, students, set forth clear definitions, explicit expectations, and consistent consequences.


Agenda item 17.         Recommend approval of district independent textbook adoption. The current ELL high school curriculum has proven to be inadequate for the English Language Learner students.  The need for an independent textbook adoption process results from the fact that Hampton-Brown Publishers (now National Geographic) did not submit the EDGE curriculum on time to be on the list of acceptable curriculum.  At this time, high school students and teachers have been using a limited curriculum which does not adequately meet the needs of our ELL students.     It is my recommendation that Creswell Public Schools adopt EDGE, a progressive new curriculum that could also be used as well in the middle school and elementary school programs.   


Agenda item 18.         Recommend action on CHS Handbook Language Revision – Drugs.  New language is very clear and consistent with Board Policy JFCI, Substance/Drug Abuse;  consequences are consistent with clearly defined expectations.