Creslane School Board Report

February, 2010


Calendar:   January – May:  State Tests for third, fourth and fifth graders

                        Feb. 2-9:  Fourth Grade Field Trips (one class per day) to Museum of

Natural History at U of O (Social Science Learner


                        Feb. 4:  PBIS Meeting 2:30

Feb. 9:  CES Site Council 4:00 

Feb. 10:  Admin Mtg.

Feb. 10: School Board Mtg. 7:00

Feb. 17 – 26:  Fourth Grade Writing Tests

Feb. 18:  PBIS Meeting 2:30

Feb. 18:  Haitian Fund Raiser – Creslane Choirs performing at CHS

Every Tuesday: Child Study Team meeting 2:30

Every Wednesday:  Staff Meeting 2:30


State Tests:  Our third, fourth and fifth grades have been assigned computer time blocks to assure our students get all their tests finished before the end of the year.  The computer lab, school board room lab, and the mobile lab are in use every week from now until mid-May. 


Fifth grade test their students on reading, math, science and social science.  Fourth and Third grade students are tested in reading and math. Each student gets three tries in each subject and each test takes at least one hour (not including a stretch break), but the students are allowed as much time as they want.


Fourth grade start their writing tests this month on February 17th.  Earlier this year the fourth grade team attended a workshop on good writing instruction.  They are anxious to see if the new methods they are implementing make a difference in the writing scores.  If after seeing the test results, we determine there were positive gains, the fourth grade team will present the information to the rest of the staff.  As writing is also part of our School-wide Title plan, these strategies may become an inclusive program in our school.                


Mystery Person of the Week:  During the first couple weeks of January every adult working at Creslane filled out a questionnaire.  These were returned to our secretaries.  On the back of each week’s calendar of events, one “mystery person” is featured.  We try to figure out who this person is based on the answers to the questions (the name is revealed at the end of each week).  It has been great fun learning more about each other.  There’s quite a conglomeration of people spread out over the three blocks of this building.




        December 2009               February 2009

Total                       =    590                       584                      

Kindergarten   =     93                         90                               

First               =      92                         92                               

Second           =      85                         85                               

Third             =      93                         93                               

Fourth           =    107                       106                               

Fifth               =    120                       120



Grant Recipients:  Ginny Albright, Jennifer Fogerty-Gibson, and Alyson Wortel were granted $300 for the “reading garden” from the Creswell Education Foundation.  Wow!



Goal Implementation: The following insertions are Creslane’s efforts in achieving the District goals.

Goal #1:  To align entire district as one educational unit: 

Goal #2:  To increase the percentages of district students meeting and

exceeding Oregon State Assessment Standards.

Goal #4:  To close the achievement gap and increase the number of

students who graduate from CHS, prepared and motivated for college or technical training opportunities.

·        As we put the finishing touches on the Schoolwide Title plan for Creslane, we are analyzing the middle school’s improvement plan, district-wide data, school data and elements of many researched-based initiatives (Positive Behavior Support, Guidance and Counseling, “Anti-Bullying” measures, Response To Intervention, Leadership Coaches, Data-Driven Decision Making, Best Practices, etc.).  We have met as a staff and prioritized the critical elements of these programs to match them with the highest needs of our students (trying to determine what can give us the “biggest bang for our buck”).  A full report should be available at the next School Board meeting.  The ultimate goal of this plan will be to instill such a strong skill foundation in reading, math, writing and behavior that more students will continue to be successful in their schooling careers and eventually as positive, contributing members of society.


·        Guidance and Counseling:

The Guidance and Counseling team was happy to include high school personnel to our team.  Gary and Christine met with Amber Dawn, Mary Lou, Ken, Lauri, and Jacque at the Middle School to continue the work on the District-wide Guidance and Counseling framework.  We discovered that meeting during school time is not conducive for completing much (this District seems to think the students and their parents are our first priority - this is very, very good – really! J), but it was a wonderful opportunity to introduce Christine and Gary to the work we have already done and get their input concerning the High School pieces.


·        PBIS:

Rhonda Ehlers, the PBIS District Coordinator has been instrumental in working with Creslane’s PBIS team.  In December, there was a marked increase in behavioral issues and they have continued through January.  In December, the PBIS team wondered if H1N1 absenteeism had anything to do with the decline in positive behaviors, since there were a lot more substitutes in the building and the children just didn’t feel good.  That doesn’t explain the continued spike in January however.  The good news is that most of the referrals were for minor behaviors.  Of the 8.06 average referrals per day in January, only 1.6 of them were office referrals.  The rest of them were minors.



Creslane Site Council Meeting


4:00-5:05 p.m.

Staff Room


Attendees:  Ginny Albright, Sean Ferrarese, Amanda Hulderman, Deb Jolda, Crystal Reasoner, Sunny Guzman, Jacque Robertson


Reports:  Sexting

  • Sextling (Use of internet or cell phones for the purpose of sending or receiving sexual material) Due to the increase of cell phone and internet usage the “District Attorney” has sent a letter informing parents of the danger and legal prosecution of those people (including students) who use these technologies for the purpose of transferring sexual material.


Site Council discussed and recommended the best way to distribute this information to Creslane Parents.  It was determined to send them home with the report cards. (see attached)


  • Volunteer Opportunities

Ms. Robertson headed the group discussion by asking: “How can we serve our students when budget restrictions prevent hiring enough aides to help?”  The after-school practice sessions have worked well in that it allows for uninterrupted class time, has increased self-confidence with our students, and provided needed practice for skill achievement.  There just isn’t enough adult help to assist the large number of students needing help.


If we could increase the number of volunteers who would be willing to help in after-school sessions, we could help a lot more children. We could offer math games, reading support, and TAG opportunities.  This would require over-sight, training, and commitment by volunteers.  We would also need a group of volunteers willing to act as substitutes so students and parents are not inconvenienced.  Using SMART volunteers and other senior citizens as after-school helpers might be another possible way to assist students.


It was recommended by the committee that we send out a second request to our parents inviting them to join Creslane’s Key-Communicators e-mailing list.  This would help generate interest in the after-school volunteer program.


  • Gift of Literacy

Deb Jolda presented a program that Springfield School District has had in place the last five years.  Every first grader is awarded a book at the end of the year at Lane  Community College.  The students select a book from a group of 10 books read throughout the school year in their classrooms.  Site Council Members recommended contacting the Creswell Kiwanis Club to see if they would be interested in helping us create a Gift of Literacy program here.  Deb also commented that Springfield School District might be willing to let us join with them, or at least buy the books using their volume discount.


  • Ballot Measures 66 & 67

Discussion was held concerning measures 66 and 67.  Ms. Robertson shared that the district would lose approximately $430.00 per student if measures 66 and 67 are defeated. 


  • Further Discussion

a.       How can teachers connect with students’ families more effectively?  Can teachers make a FaceBook page on the District’s site?

b.      How can teachers download from blocked programs (UTube, Google Earth, etc)?  Would a different program work better?

c.       How are Fund Raiser funds being used?

d.      Can we get recycling containers in the staff room for metals and plastics?

e.       Can we get away from the styro-foam trays and sporks int eh cafeteria?


Ms. Robertson will present these questions to the district and technology department and get back to the Committee