1.      Curriculum.  PE/Health committee meets January 12th.

2.      Facilities.  Long-range maintenance.

3.      Public Relations.

4.      Student Services.  Athletic Review Committee.

5.      Labor Management Committee.   Minutes posted on web.

6.      Other. 

a.      Tainted beef?  The 2-1-08 Oregonian reported that Oregon School

 Districts had received questionable beef from a California supplier (Westland).  Later that day, ODE sent us an email indicating the same thing.  Ms. Ogawa checked our meat supply and did not see any Westland product.  On Monday the R-G reported that we received 5 cases of beef from Westland Meats.  We did have beef labeled N’Genuity so we queried ODE if N’G was a subsidiary of Westland, but they didn’t get back to her.  Finally late Tuesday we were able cross-reference the commodity #s on N’G packages and indeed they did come from Westland and were cases of meat in question.  This “scare” emanates from a video taken of the slaughterhouse operation wherein some beef heading to the stun gun were less than fully mobile.  By the way, the N’B meat we have is commodity beef that was delivered in September.  It has been set aside.

b.      Soccer field.  The soccer field is being held up by the Corps of

Engineers who want a more detailed plan on how the field is to be developed.  The plans would likely cost $10-15K, so I have those plans on hold.  I want to talk to the city and see if we cannot agree on co-developing the field.

c.      Modulars.  The modulars at CMS will eventually all be moved.  The

 modular on the South end needs to go first; probably in May or June.  We will assess whether this modular (and eventually all modulars) are needed in the District for anything and then go to plan B which entails listing them as surplus property.

d.      MS construction/DEQ.  As of today (2-5-08) we still do not have a

 wastewater plan approved by DEQ and consequently we also do not have a finalized wetland permit.  It is not for lack of trying on our end but it is starting to impact the schedule of construction.  Batzer is going to bring up the building in 3 phases beginning at the front (North) end of the building.  This allows them to get footings and other work done at the rear of the building later in the schedule but inhibits them from driving across the wetland and prepping the soils in that region.  A meeting with the DEQ and GLAs architects/engineers is scheduled for January 12th.

e.      Item 13.  Some of the policies posted last month are not ready for

 adoption per action by OSBA.  They can remain posted for later adoption.

f.        Item 14.  This policy was emailed to board members and will be

 posted on the web site.  JO-AR has some additions from OSBA that will be highlighted.

g.      Items 16/17.  Last years’ documents will be emailed for review.