1.K-8 Student Success Writing Team.An outgrowth of the Continuous Improvement Plan.†† Dr. Stuber contact.WT met January 20th.Minutes are posted on the District web site.Next meeting March 8th.


2.K-12 Student Success Math Team.MT met January 20th.Minutes are posted on the District web site.Next meeting March 8th..


3.K-12 Fine Arts-Foreign Language curriculum review team.Per policy, the area scheduled for 2005-6 review.†† Stuber contact.No report.


4.Labor Management Committee.LMC met January 18th.Minutes are posted on District web site.LMC has action items for February Agenda.Next meeting is February 15th.


5.LMC Contact Time subcommittee.CT subcommittee met January 12, 19 & 26 primarily for calendar considerations.†† Minutes are posted on web.


6.LMC Professional Development subcommitteePD subcommittee combined with Contact Time subcommittee.


7.LMC No Child Left Behind subcommittee.


8.Athletic Committee.Lonn Robertson contact.Dr. Robertson will have a report at the February meeting.The AC also has sample policy for posting.


9.Middle School Bond committee.Committee per board goals, Gary Clark contact.MSB steering committee attended the OSBA Ballots and Bonds workshop in Salem in January.MSB will present at the Board work session on February 1st.I will ask Mr. Higdon to set up a spot on the district web site for MSB to post information, meetings, surveys, etc.


10.RTEC, Regional Technology Education Consortium.Working with LCC to bring learning opportunities to CHS.Jan Ophus contact.RTEC has blossomed to 17 courses for 2006-2007.†† The full list of projected courses was emailed to the school board 2/1/2006.†† These will include day-time, after-school, and on-line courses.In addition, there may be some High School to High School links developed.RTEC also appears to be the prime vehicle for the new Expanded Options Program mandated by the last legislature.EOP policy will soon be up for posting.


11.High School Graduation Policy committee.Committee per board goals, Freske/Ophus contacts.HSGP minutes are posted on the web.†† There is a good deal of overlap with RTEC and EOP goals and the committees are working together (if not the same key people, namely Freske and Ophus).


12.Pedestrian safety.The city has advised me that the county has put the troublesome stretch of Harvey Road on the short list for improvements.I will be meeting with Mr. Shrives prior to the commission hearing on projects to present a common list of concerns.This meeting will be late February-early March.Also, 7th Street is due for an upgrade this summer between Creslane and CMS.When finished it will look much like 8th Street presently..


13.Wellness Committee.Clark contact.WC posted a proposed policy in January and it is up for adoption this month.WC will meet prior to the February 8th School Board meeting to deal with the meatier AR.


14.Technology Committee.Mr. Higdon Contact.Mr. Higdon has kept the TC busy.One offshoot is consideration of the software programs for business and student services.The consortium of Lane County schools under contract with Pentamation is crumbling and so alternative means for student services are being considered as well as different management contracts for the existing Pentamation program.†† More information in the February Tech Report.The 7th Street project will be an opportunity for the district to install a hard wire fiber between Creslane and CMS.We currently have such a connection between Creslane and CHS.Finally, Cottage Grove and CGSD are trying to bring wireless service to their area and have had discussions with the City of Creswell.CGSD staff have also discussed the idea with Mrs. Heiss and Mr. Higdon.


15. District Safety Committee.The SC will meet February 14th.One item for discussion will be the fire lanes at the HS and, in particular, vehicle traffic in the quad area.


16.Above and Beyond recognition standards, Freske contact.


17.Policy Committee.Mr. Sells and I have offered the numerous proposals for February dealing with special education.All reflect changes from the font of education services.††† We received another batch from the same source this week and we will be posting them in March.