††††††††††† Text Box: Oregon School Boards Association Selected Sample Policy

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††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Tobacco-Free Environment (Version 2)



The following procedures will be used for students who violate the districtís tobacco policy:


First Offense


[Up to one day] detention and conference with studentís and parent.During detention, the student will be provided with information concerning harmful effects of smoking and will be required to do further research on the effects of smoking.


Second Offense


[Up to one day], out-of-school suspension and performance of service to school or community.


Third Offense


[Up to three day], out-of-school suspension, suspension from extracurricular activities for remainder of semester.


Consistent refusal or neglect to obey the rules may lead to expulsion.Due process procedures shall be followed.


Alternative to Discipline


As an alternative to discipline, students may be referred to a cessation and/or tobacco education class.Attendance at such lasses is voluntary.Any cost related to cessation classes is the responsibility of the student and his/her parent.The district may also require the successful completion of a behavior modification plan.




A referral to law enforcement and/or public health or tobacco coalition may be made at any time.