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                                                         Education Records**



Education records are those records maintained by the district that are directly related to a student.


The primary reason for the keeping and maintaining of education records for students is to help the individual student in his/her educational development by providing pertinent information for the student, his/her teachers and his/her parents.  These records also serve as an important source of information to assist students in seeking productive employment and/or posthigh school education.


It is the policy of the district to keep education records for students to conform with state and federal laws and regulations.


Information recorded on official education records should be carefully selected, accurate and verifiable, and should have a direct and significant bearing upon the student’s educational development.


The district will develop regulations for the maintenance, access and release of education records as well as for preserving confidentiality and for challenging the content of those records.


The district mayshall withhold the grade reports, diploma or otherand records of students or former students who owe fees, fines or damages of $50 or more, and may withhold the grade reports, diploma and records of students or former students who owe less than $50, until those fees, fines or damages are paid.  Students or parents will receive written notice at least 10 days in advance of withholding stating the district’s intent to withhold records until the debt is paid.  The notice will include the reason the student owes money to the district, an itemization of the fees, fines or damages owed and will notifythe right of parents of their right to request a hearing.  The notice will also state that the district may pursue the matter through a private collection agency or other method available to the district.


The district may waive fees, fines and charges if the student or parents cannot pay, the payment of the debt could impact the health and safety of the student, the cost of collection would be more than the total collected or there are mitigating circumstances, as determined by the superintendent.


Records requested by another school district to determine a student’s appropriate placement may not be withheld.


The district shall give full rights to education records to either parent, unless the district has been provided legal evidence that specifically revokes these rights.  Once the student reaches age 18 those rights transfer to the student.


A copy of this policy and administrative regulation shall be made available upon request by parents and students 18 years or older or emancipated.






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