Code:   ECAAA-AR




                                          Employee Identification Badge System



Staff members issued an identification badge will be subject to the following requirements:


1.        Identification badges are the property of the district for use by district employees.  Any employee who duplicates or lends his/her identification badge will be subject to disciplinary action;


2.        All identification badges are to be worn in plain sight when the employee is engaged in the performance of district duties while on district property;


3.        A report of a lost or stolen badge must be made to the appropriate administrator immediately;


4.        An identification card lost, stolen or damaged due to circumstances beyond the employee’s control will be replaced by the district at no cost to the employee.  Other replacement costs will be charged to the employee;


5.        Identification badge requests must be made directly to the [building principal] [personnel office];


6.        The appropriate administrator will be responsible for collecting staff identification badges at the end of the assigned work shift in the event of employee resignation, nonrenewal, nonextension or termination.;


7.        The district will not disclose the identification badge or card of an employee without the written consent of the employee if:


a.          The badge or card contains the photograph of the employee;

b.          The badge or card was prepared solely for internal use by the district to identify employees.


The district will not disclose a duplicate of the photograph used on the badge or card.