Creslane School Board Report

December 8, 2004





Last year Mrs. Keira Brown nominated Savannah Howard (a sixth grader this year) for the National Kodaly Conference.  (Kodaly is a music methodology of which both Mrs. Brown and I are trained).  Out of the 300 audition tapes received only half were accepted.  Savannah was one of those 150 selected.  Savannah will be going to Massachusetts in March, for a three day workshop and performance.  Mrs. Brown and I are pretty sure she will need us as chaperones. J


Two teachers from Creslane have been nominated as DisneyHand Teacher Awards (that is not a typo).  Parents of current students nominated Dean Karcher (fourth grade) and Cheryl Clancey (kindergarten).  The DisneyHand Outreach program honors creativity and innovation in teaching.  I will be supporting these nominations with documental information.  The 40 selected Honorees will receive $10,000 and their schools will receive $5,000.  Whether Dean and Cheryl are selected out of the 50,000 teachers nominated or not, we are proud of their work at Creslane and thankful for their presence in our lives.


Ruth Boss has come every day to Creslane as a senior citizen volunteer and Foster Grandparent.  She has labeled every appropriate book in our library with its Lexile number.  This number will assist children, teachers, and parents as they select books with appropriate reading difficulty and books with available electronic comprehension tests.  This was a time consuming task, and we all appreciate the assistance this gives us.  Ruth has also donated 2.5 hours every day to help monitor students in the hallway as they wash hands and line up for lunch.  This is an incredibly thankless job, but she has been invaluable in keeping our students safe and hallways as quiet as possible.


Jenny Carmichael has given Creslane hours of assistance in the writing of a 21st Century Learning Center Grant for our schools and community.  She has made connections with resources unknown to me before, and helped create an alliance between the schools and these programs.  Already, we have been approached by Americorp, which would like to bring a team or two of 10-12 members to do projects around the community (including tutoring students).  The grant partnership team will be meeting with the Americorp representative this coming Monday morning to write a proposal for using these young people.  I couldn’t have done this immense project without her.  (The grant proposal sent requested more than $147,000 a year for 3 years and an additional 2 years with reduced funds.)


Awarded Grants:

Two teachers at Creslane, Thea Lee and Keira Brown have received grants from SELCO for $250 each.  Keira’s will help support the choir program and will be used to purchase music.  Thea’s will be used to purchase additional Reading Counts tests.


Keira Brown was also awarded a grant for $600 from THE OREGON COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, based out of Portland, Oregon.  This money will be used to benefit Mrs. Brown’s new Orff Ensemble with music and instrument replacement. 


Thea Lee also received an additional $600 from Creswell own EDUCATION FOUNDATION for additional Reading Counts electronic tests.  Mrs. Lee has been instrumental in keeping our Reading Counts program alive, functioning, and useful.



I am very excited about the results of our recent schedule change.  The new schedule took effect on November 22.  (see attached)  Previous to this change we had almost two office referrals every day (1.83 average in the month of October.)  In the last two weeks we have had four office referrals total and a significant drop in playground injuries.


Average Office Referrals Per Day

2003-04                                                 2004-05

September    1.43                                                        1.56

October        1.27                                                        1.85

November    1.21                                                        1.38