Creswell High School Report

1.  CHS engaged its sophomore students in CIM testing using the TESA
(online) system November 17, 18, 19, 22, 23, and 24.  The students responded
positively to the testing environment.  The test was taken on computers in
the new Library computer lab or in Mr. Nickelson's computer lab.  The
English, math, science teachers involved in overseeing their students'
testing were also positive about the process.  From an administrative point
of view, one of the most positive aspects of the new testing process was our
not releasing Juniors and Seniors from school so the Sophomores could be
tested and the Frosh given practice testing.  Students took the test during
their normal class periods.  Those not taking the test remained in class
with their teachers, learning their subjects.

At the end of this first round of testing, out of 85 sophomores, 37 passed
the Social Science test, 35 the Science test, 24 the Math test, and 37 the
Reading test.

2.  A motivational assembly focusing on "Responsibility" was held in the gym
on November 24.  At the end of the assembly, the Seniors were "recognized"
by the underclassmen and then released early to the Library where they
feasted on pizza and pop--their reward for winning the Homecoming Spirit
Week competition.

3.  Mrs. Ginny Hoke, CHS English and Drama teacher, took her class to the
Hult Center on December 1.  The students saw a dramatic performance
featuring the life and work of the country singer legend Patsy Cline.

4.  Mrs. Wright, CHS Ag Science teacher, took 25 students to Portland on
November 30 for a Career Day opportunity culminating in a Trailblazer game
and a visit to the Lloyd Center.

5.  Under Mrs. Zacharias' supervision, Ms. Karen Likens, ESD Prevention
Specialist, is forming a counseling "group" for 8-10 students whose lives
are negatively impacted by drugs and alcohol.  December is a difficult time
of the year for many adolescents, and we are focusing on the students who
may have the most difficult time of it this month.

6.  An "activity period" will be held for all students the week of December
6.  During this time, the students faculty advisors will be distributing
"Four-Year Plan" folders to the students and directing them in an activity
in which the students state their career choices, record information about
their involvement in activities, and learn how to keep track of
career-related learning.