School Board Meeting Report

Creslane Elementary

December 11, 2002



Calendar:        Dec. 2 – CES Site Council:  New Library 3:45-5:00 p.m.

                        Dec. 4 & 5 – Lane ESD screening of Counselor Applicants

                        Dec. 5 – Holiday Scratch-It (11:00 at Gateway Red Lion)

Dec. 11 – Creslane Choir performing at Kiwanis (12:00 Emerald Valley)

Dec. 12 – Creslane Choir Performance (7:00 CES new gym)

Dec. 16 & 17 – Interviews for Counselor Position at Lane ESD           

Dec. 17 – Creslane Choir school presentation with Good Citizenship

 Assembly (10:00 CES new gym)


Curriculum:  Teachers are studying different science curriculums.  We will decide what company we want to endorse for Creslane.  There are two curriculums published in Oregon that are hands-on, will coordinate with the State Benchmarks and the District Scope and Sequence.  There are two nationally published programs that we are also examining.   


School wide Discipline:  Comparing last year’s first and second months to this year’s first and second months for office referrals:

Nov.    2001-2002                                                      1.41 referrals per day

Nov.    2002-2003                                                      1.13 referrals per day


We can tell the “vacation stress” is on the children.  In the last two weeks the discipline referrals have escalated.  The good news is that the referrals are for behavior that is far less “anger-driven” than in the past.  These referrals are due to “hurt feelings,” showing more sensitivity (due to lack of sleep, excitement at home, worry, etc.)  


Mighty Mustangs:  Our first big assembly to recognize our wonderful “Mighty Mustangs” is coming up.  It will be the first time in years that the whole school can attend the same assembly at the same time.  This will take place in the new gym on Dec. 17 with Creslane’s choir performing.


Site Council:  Due to some technological difficulties we were unable to include the minutes from the October and November meetings before this report.  Please see enclosed minutes.  December minutes will be included next month.


Vandalism Report:  Even with all the new playground equipment lying out, the only vandalism was a broken bag of cement spread around the kindergarten play area.  Ordell Construction cleaned it up for us when they dug out the site for the new kindergarten playground.


Recognitions: Joanne Hubata-Vacek was recognized by the University of Oregon School of Education for her exemplary work with a student teacher.  Many of the local universities ask to place their students in our school because of the high quality of professionalism at Creslane.  Pacific University, Northwest Christian College and the U. of O. often ask us to take their students.  We aren’t always able to comply with their requests, but it is a great honor to have a part in the future of this incredible profession when we are able to do so.


Enrollment:  527 students   One of our students was sent to a school in Eugene to meet his special educational needs.

(520 students this time last year)