Creswell Middle School Board Report

December 4, 2002


Band Concert – Will be held on December 17th at 7:00pm at CHS.


Choir Performance – The CMS, CHS and Creslane Choirs will perform at the       Kiwanis/Chamber luncheon on December 11th.


Attendance – We are targeting perfect attendance.  All students that have perfect attendance, this includes no tardy referrals from November12th – December 13th will be invited to the Burrus Bash. We will celebrate with ice-cream sundaes.  Around school this is called  PAW –Perfect Attendance Wanted.


Leadership Class – is preparing for our canned food and money drive. We will have an All School Celebration on December 18th.


Crisis Plan Training – We had a full school “lock down” (Code Purple) practice drill on Tuesday.  Parents will receive a letter informing them about our emergency policy and procedures in our next newsletter.


CSRD Grant Update – The Accelerated Math Program is up and running at all grade levels!  The students seem excited and motivated.  We will have an Accelerated Math Consultant on site all day tomorrow to help staff with questions and concerns.  The implementation of Accelerated Reader should take place in January.  We will have a parent/community Accelerated Reader Night as soon the program is in place.


EBS Team – spent a day at Lane ESD planning the next steps in our positive behavior system, which includes common classroom rules.


Michigan Model   Health Curriculum – Health education started on November 12th . We are using the comprehensive Michigan Model Health Curriculum, which was purchased with our tobacco grant.  All 7th and 8th graders switch off daily between PE and health for the third and fourth quarters.


Tobacco Prevention -  Kim Jordan has applied for an additional $8,500.00 to fully implement and enhance the work plan activities of our existing Tobacco Prevention and Education Program. This money may only be used for staff development, teacher release time to do curriculum mapping/planning and implementation follow-up activities and for staff to attend the ODE’s training.


                  The Healthy Teen Survey will be conducted on January 14th and 15th for all 8th grade students. Parents will be notified 3 weeks prior to the survey. Our school will receive $500.00 for participating in the survey.


Facilities Committee – This committee (a subcommittee of the Strategic Planning Committee) met on 11/19 at 6:45 AM in the CMS library.  We read and discussed the reports from WESD and Dull Olsen Weeks Architects regarding the cost and future options for the Middle School.   We also discussed options and suggestions regarding the current gym floor.  


Winter Sports – Girls basketball and wrestling are under way.  We have 63 athletes participating.  Boys basketball will begin on January 16th.


Chess Club – 29 students showed up for our first Chess Club meeting.


8th Grade Fall Meal – A write up is attached from the 8th grade staff.