MEMORANDUM From the department of technology

~ Creswell public schools ~

“Preparing Students for success”


to:                              Creswell Board of Directors and superintendent price

from:              JOEL HIGDON, Technology Director

subject:          December board report

date:              12/4/2009



·         Pursuant to our District Goal 3:  To build visible community pride in Creswell Public Schools, the school district will increase its engagement in the Creswell Community though expanded communications, collaboration, and involvement opportunities.  Our district has engaged in three new technology driven information venues - Vimeo, Facebook and Twitter.


Vimeo is our new video sharing application. You may have seen the embedded video of Rick Dancer on our website.  His video message references our partnership with the City of Creswell and local businesses in profiling our students and staff.  Over the coming weeks and months video profiles created by Mr. Dancer will be displayed on our website as well as other locations on the web.


We will also be using the Vimeo application to upload video segments of events at our schools.  Most recently a video of the Eugene Ballet’s visit to Creslane will be available to view.


Facebook and Twitter are two phenomenons that have swept the internet.  Schools and districts across the nation are just now emerging with a presence in these venues.  Recently I was reviewing information from the Oregon Department of Education where it indicated their involvement with Facebook; more specifically the project, “Oregon Diploma on Facebook”


Our presence on Facebook and Twitter are in the beginning stages.  Stay tuned to our District Website for the iconic logos for Facebook and Twitter.  Then if you like become a “fan” on Facebook and sign up to receive our “tweets” from Twitter.


·         We are waiting with bated breath for the announcement on the awardees regarding our “21St Century Technology Rich Learning and Teaching” competitive grant application.  This announcement is expected by Friday, December 4.  Hopeful!



Thank you.