Creswell High School Board Report

December 2009


The time between Thanksgiving and Winter Break is always an exciting time in schools as we celebrate all the wonderful things that students and staff have accomplished and look forward to all the events planned for the New Year. Over the next couple of weeks a lot will be happening at CHS. Please feel free to stop by for a game in the evenings, the Winter Concert on Wednesday, December 16th or the Winter Assembly on Friday, December 11th.


Parent-Teacher Conferences: Although our goal is to have 100% participation in Parent-Teacher conferences, we are excited that parent attendance was up from approximately twenty-five percent to nearly a third of our parents attending one of the two conference days. Conferences were held the evening of Thursday, November 19th and during the morning of Friday, November 20th. Thursday conferences were organized arena style in the Commons and Friday conferences were held in classrooms. Parents were notified by phone and through flyers of conference times. We will continue to explore ways to encourage more parents to take advantage of this time to meet with teachers.


PSAT Scores: Sophomores and Juniors took the PSAT earlier this year as preparation for taking SAT tests later.  PSAT scores often give students an indication of how well they will do on SATs and test scores also can qualify Juniors for scholarships. After preliminary analysis of Junior scores, we have a student who will likely qualify as a National Merit Semifinalist. Students must rank in the 99th percentile to qualify. We will keep you posted as more information is disclosed to us by the Nation Merit Board.


Textbook Depository: In an effort to improve availability of resources to students and staff, Diana Shumate and Monty Hull are working together to create a room to organize and house textbooks. At present each teacher stores textbooks in their classrooms and must keep track of student check outs. This new process will free up space in classrooms and streamline the textbook check out process. It should also help us better track textbook use and distribution.


PBS Team: The Positive Behavior Support Committee is working on creating an expectation matrix as part of the initial PBS implementation process. The team is excited to be working with the district’s new PBS Coach, Rhonda Ehlers as they develop a school-wide program. 


Site Council: Please see documents for a list of Site Council Members, Meeting Dates and Minutes. The next Site Council meeting will be Monday, December 14th at 3:20 in the Creswell High School Library.


Athletics: On November 23rd we celebrated the accomplishments of our fall sports teams. The Awards Ceremony was well attended as students and teams were highlighted for their hard work and sportsmanship. Among the highlights, the volleyball team, football team, boy’s soccer team and the cross country team all went to state playoff games and sophomore Corbin Helt was named the PacWest Runner of the Year.  Creswell players, coaches, parents, fans and support staff were also awarded the Emerald Empire Volleyball Official’s Sportsmanship Award for exceptional sportsmanship shown during the 2009 season. As winter sports begin, we look forward to another great sporting season.



Teacher Highlight: Carrie Danchok, Health Teacher





            Stumbling, staggering, mishandling a high-five and having difficulties throwing to a target were just a few of the effects students in Ms. Danchok’s health class were experiencing during the “Fatal Vision” drunk goggles activity.  The purpose of the activity was to have students simulate what it would be like to be “drunk” without the actual consumption of alcohol.  The three sets of goggles represented blood alcohol content levels of low (<.06), moderate (.07 to .10) and high (.17 to .20).  Students had to perform a variety of tasks that included walking heel-to-toe, balancing on one foot, and walking over to the steps and sitting down.  Many of the students noted that they had trouble performing the easier tasks even with the low goggles in place.

            The concept of “Fatal Vision” is to give the students a better idea of what it feels like to be drunk or near drunk.  The hope is that students will realize that they will not have control over basic functions and tasks while under the influence.  Hopefully, too, students will think twice before taking a drink of alcohol.








We would like to wish everyone on the Board a Happy Holiday Season. See you in 2010!


                                                                                    Creswell High School