Creswell Middle School Board Report

December 2, 2009


Enrollment              Girls                Boys

                        6th grade           50                    56

                        7th grade           47                    51

                        8th grade           58                    59                    TOTAL - 321


               Newsletter – attached.


PE Department –Mr. Milne and Mrs. Thomas are organizing a Jingle Bell Run for staff and students. The first place finishers for girls and boys at each grade level will win turkeys, second place finishers will win chickens and third place finishers will win Cornish game hens.  All students and staff will be eligible for the raffle, which will take place in the CMS gym following the run.  The Jingle Bell Run is taking the place of our annual Turkey Trot.


Santa Store – The CMS Santa Store had its grand opening today in Mrs. Kuhnhausen’s classroom!  Our staff and other CMS supporters have donated lots of items so students can purchase presents with GROWL tickets that they earned for positive behavior.  We also provide wrapping paper, tags and bows.  The wrapping is taking place in the commons.   It is always great to see the students so excited about getting presents for their family members.


Civil War for the Rose Bowl goes through the State of Oregon!  We will be having a green and yellow and orange and black day tomorrow with a little treat at the end of the day.  We also have a Beaver and Duck box in the office for students and staff to bring in canned foods and to put them in the box of their favorite team.


Can Food DriveThe annual can food drive kick off assembly will be held on Friday, December 4, 2009.   The all school celebration will take place on December 18th.


Music Program – The Winter Concert is scheduled for Tuesday, December 15th -   7:00 p.m. at CHS.


Student / Parent / Teacher Conferences – were held during the week of November 15th – 21st. We had outstanding attendance.  This was very exciting and the feedback from students and parents was great.  Our staff did an incredible job in scheduling the conferences, preparing the students, writing personal comments on the student’s reflection sheet and spending time every night of the week to accommodate the different family schedules.  Thirty-minute conferences were held with the student’s advisory teacher.  The students filled out a self-reflection form from every class that included strengths, areas to improve and goals.  The students led the whole conference by going over their report card, reflection, reading log, and last year’s State Assessment results.  It was so nice to see students take ownership of their own education.  A few parents wanted to meet with some additional teachers and we were able to accommodate their wishes.  (We are still calculating the exact percentage, since teachers are still conducting a few conferences with students and parents that were unable to attend.)


School Improvement Plan – We will begin writing the plan tomorrow.  Our reading teachers will be meeting tomorrow morning and the math folks will meet in the afternoon.  This way we will be able to share substitutes. Several site council members will take part in developing the plan.


SWIS Data – see attached graphs


The CMS Site Council - approved the posted alcohol policy and is aware that the CSD Board will take action on it at the December meeting.


Winter Sports– The girls basketball season will end on December 16th.    Boys basketball begins on Tuesday, January 5th. 


Edline – continues to be a hit with parents and students.

CMS Request -

Creswell Middle School

Request for a Two Hour Late Start

December 18, 2009

Professional Development for the Staff to be In-serviced on OAKS

(Oregon State Assessments)


  • OAKS Training - is a mandatory yearly training for all staff members who test, proctor or assist in the testing process.  We did have a half day last year (October 30, 2008).  This includes all CMS staff members with the exception of our PE, music teachers and custodians.
  • I was hopeful that we would be able to do the training during regular school days this year because we already had cut days on the calendar.   However, it just won’t work because it would take at least three mornings to complete the training and not everyone would be able to attend.  We would have to offer the training two or three times to get everyone approved. 
  • Our staff is working extremely hard during the mornings at grade level team meetings and curriculum meetings.  We are researching, collecting data and creating our new School Improvement Plan.
  • Jill Strader and I were trained in September to train our staff.   We must ensure that all staff members involved with testing are indeed trained in test administration and security. Each staff member will then sign an assurance of test security. 
  • We have chosen December 18th for the late arrival because it is already an irregular day with the full school Jingle Bell run, canned food collection and distribution and an all school celebration in the afternoon.


We will notify parents that the possibility of the late arrival may happen in next week’s newsletter, pending Board action on December 9th. With Board approval we will send out official notification on December 10th. Besides using our reader board and letters home, we will use our school messenger telephone program. We will also send out reminders with students on Thursday, December 17th.