Board Report

Business Manager

December 2009



Finance Committee

The finance committee continues to meet with the next meeting scheduled for December 16.  They are will conclude review of all expenditures in the budget and continue to focus on the ballot measures in preparation for budget discussions.



          The audit document will be delivered shortly for board approval.  There are no adverse comments and covers the standard information.  Please let me know if you have any questions regarding it.



The new bus arrived this week.  Theresa is referring to it as lucky 13 since that is its’ number.  It is the largest bus in the fleet—84 passenger.  Bus 5 will be retired since it is worn out and has no trade-in value.  There may be a church interested in a donation of the bus. 

Theresa and I interviewed applicants for the drivers’ education positions.  We will be making a recommendation shortly of two applicants.  They will be required to attend 9 weekend trainings (full day) in January, February and March prior to training the students.  Oregon Department of Transportation is now in charge of drivers’ education and the training is rigorous.  It will be good for our students to have the program back.