Creswell Middle School Board Report

December 4, 2008


Enrollment             Girls                Boys

                        6th grade          49                    49

                        7th grade          58                    59

                        8th grade          32                    51                    Total - 298


               Newsletter – not quite finished but I will bring everyone a copy on Wednesday evening.


6th Grade – Will begin State testing December 15th.


7th Grade – is creating power point presentations. The social studies classes will be going on a field trip to the new Federal Court House. This trip is fully funded.  The weekly newsletters that the 7th grade staff sends home are attached.


8th Grade


PE Department –Mr. Milne and Mrs. Thomas organized the 5th annual CMS Turkey Trot. All students participated in the 3000-meter run or the 1000-meter walk. Dr. Stuber was the starter for the event. The first place finishers in the 3000 M for girls and boys at each grade level won turkeys, second place finishers won chickens and third place finishers won Cornish game hens.  All students and staff were eligible for the raffle, which took place in the CMS gym following the run.  Everyone seemed to have a great time. We plan to continue this tradition.


Santa Store – The CMS Santa Store had its grand opening on Monday afternoon in Mrs. Kuhnhausen’s classroom!  Our staff and other CMS supporters have donated lots of items so students can purchase presents with GROWL tickets that they earned for positive behavior.  We also provide wrapping paper, tags and bows.  The wrapping was done in Mrs. Whitman’s classroom.    It is always great to see the students so excited about getting presents for their family members.


Can Food DriveThe annual can food drive kick off assembly will be held on Wednesday, November 28th.  The all school celebration will take place on December 19th.


Music Program – The Winter Concert is scheduled for Thursday, December 11, 2008 -   7:00 p.m. at CHS.


Student / Parent / Teacher Conferences – were held on November18th and 19th. We had outstanding attendance.  This was very exciting and the feedback from students and parents was great.  Our staff did an incredible job in scheduling the conferences, preparing the students, writing personal comments on the student’s reflection sheet and spending time every night of the week to accommodate the different family schedules.  Thirty-minute conferences were held with the student’s advisory teacher.  The students filled out a self-reflection form from every class that included strengths, areas to improve and goals.  The students led the whole conference by going over their report card, reflection, reading log, last year’s State Assessment results and their planner.  It was so nice to see students take ownership of their own education.  A few parents wanted to meet with some additional teachers and we were able to accommodate their wishes.  (We are still calculating the exact percentage, since teachers are still conducting a few conferences with students and parents that were unable to attend.)


Scope and Sequence / Learner Outcomes – All teachers will turn in their first quarter learner outcome grids by December 12th.


 Winter Sports– The girls basketball season will ends on December 17th.    Boys basketball begins on January 5th. 


Edline – continues to be a hit with parents and students.


Band Instrument Rental Update – report on a separate document - attached


New School Tour - 6:00 p.m. on December 10th prior to the CSD Board meeting.


New School Schedule – Once we move in to our new school the daily schedule will change.  We will start our day with advisory and breakfast.  All students will eat lunch at the same time and staff is willing to start with students 5 min earlier and end 3 minutes later,  which allows us to increase every class period by 2 minutes and increase the passing time by 1 minute.  Two minutes per period doesn’t seem like much but it actually increases our student contact time by 14 minutes a day – 70 minutes a week.  We are excited about this.  Schedule attached.


November Students of the Month:  Olivia Powell, Sean Kounovsky, Ren Rasmussen, Brianna Dunn, Alexia Johnson and Reece Blatch.