1.      1.      Curriculum.PE/Health/6-12 Music.Committee members are collecting learner outcome information.We will convene next in February.


2.      2.      Facilities.Long-range maintenance.Construction levy committee is still active.


3.      3.      Public Relations.


4.      4.      Student Services.Athletic review committee is still active.


5.      5.      Labor Management Committee.LMC met Nov 21 and next meets Dec 19.Minutes are posted to the web site.LMC is currently looking for a board member to serve on a retirement subcommittee.


6.      6.      Other.

a.      a.     13a, Agenda.Board Negotiators reviewed the contract for the Food Services Director enabling her to work Jan 1 to Jun 30 as PERS retiree.Position will open for 2008-9.Contract language will be available at the meeting.Business Manager and Supt recommend board approval.

b.      b.     14 Agenda.I have prepped a proposed calendar.We will post until the next board meeting for teacher and school board input and be ready for adoption in January.A copy of the proposed calendar will not be available until the 12th, inasmuch as the administrators have a couple minor tweaks to iron out.

c.      c.      18 Agenda.The Policy Committee is asking the board to approve an expenditure ($3000) with OSBA for a thorough review of district policies.The last review was several years ago.

d.      d.     20 Agenda.Board policy requires board approval for any school sponsored out-of-state trips.Permission for this particular trip has been granted many times previously with the same teacher (Mrs. OíConnell).Information is attached.