Creslane’s School Board Report

December, 2007


Calendar:  Dec. 5 – T Shirt orders due

                   Dec. 10 – Guidance and Counseling team meeting (all morning)

                   Dec. 10 – Title 1 Parent Meeting

Dec. 11 – Creslane Choir Concert 6:30 p.m.

                   Dec. 12 – “Informances” (all day)

                   Dec. 14 – Write Out Loud workshop for Assistants (12-4:00)

                   Dec. 20 – Kelly Thibodeaux Assemblies (Louisiana music)

                                      (11:00 and 12:15)

                   Dec. 21 – Creslane Choir Concert 8:30 a.m.



             November 2007               December 2007
Total:              577                                    581                                                 
Kindergarten    84                                       88                                 
First                  85                                       85                                                   
Second           104                                     104                                                   
Third              109                                     109                                          
Fourth              98                                       99                                                   
Fifth                 97                                       96



SELCO Grant Recipients:

          Debby Bruce - $250.00 Sensory Education Applies to Learning Styles


          Michelle Mercer – $250.00 Study Skills for Our Students

Oregon Community Foundations:  Music Counts

          Erik Telfer - $500.00 sheet music



SMART:  Marilyn Foundrey coordinator’s report

          Eighteen different classes are served.

          Fifty-two students are being served either on Monday or Thursday

          Twenty-three volunteers are coming on a weekly basis to read to children

          The volunteers read for more than fifty hours

          Thirty-eight books have been given to children since the beginning of the


Thank you SMART volunteers!


TAG update:

Tuesday, Nov 27th sixty students and parents came to the Creslane Library to share and learn more about upper-end learners.  Amber Dawn Krupicka led a “get acquainted activity.  Ms. Robertson shared information about the TAG meetings, Creslane’s efforts to help meet the needs of our faster learners, community offerings, and increase awareness of this special group of learners.  The rest of the evening was spent playing board games, using our creative skills, and building electronic devices using the games and activities purchased with the TAG grant received from the Chintimini Foundation. 


Parent Conferences:  This year we had 99% of our parents attend parent conferences.  Fifteen students required two conferences each so both parents could attend. Speech, Title, Special Education, and ELL teachers each attended 35-45 conferences.  Some of the conferences included IEP revisions taking at least one hour per conference.  Teachers were at school meeting with parents from 7:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night.  The teachers worked hard to meet all the different time requirements of the parents.  They were the ones responsible for the incredible turn-out!  This is such a vital time!


The only disappointment was this year’s late date for conferences.  Usually we have them near the end of October or the beginning of November.  We keep in contact with parents all year long, especially when there are concerns, but the designated Parent Conferences are the best time for communications between school and home.  Parents, students and teachers all are in the same space at the same time. Many confusions can be cleared and/or celebrations occur because all participants are on the “same page.”



These are informational performances and new for Creslane.  The Music and PE departments at Creslane are combining classes so present to parents what things are happening in those classes.  Student in Creslane will perform during their regularly scheduled Music and/or PE time on Wednesday, December 12th.  Parents are invited to attend during the 20 minute performance.


Site Council:


Creslane Site Council Minutes


4:00-5:20 p.m.

Staff Room


Members attending:  Deb Jolda, Amy Sierzega, Lynn Robertson, Sean Ferrarese, Barbara Sears, Ginny Albright, and Jacque Robertson


1)  Facility needs at Creslane:

Please send a list of anything we need at Creslane in the way of building needs. 

                   White board replacement

                   Air conditioning in the old part of the building

Conference Room

                   Office space

                   Technological updates

                   Fixed playground equipment


                   New Carpet areas in old building classrooms

                   Replace carpet in old classrooms/modulars

                   New sawdust for playground

                   Update electrical in old building

                   Water faucet update

                   Replace water pipes in old building


2)  Staffing needs at Creslane:  Please include ideas.

          Vice Principal/Counselor/TAG Coordinator

          Additional Fifth Grade Teacher

          Additional Fourth Grade Teacher

          Additional Speech Pathologist


          More Classroom Assistants for reading, math, and writing

          RTI teachers

More supervision assistants

Additional Music Teacher

          Additional PE Teacher


3)  Attendance Issues:

We are working hard in monitoring absences and tardies.  Our goal is to increase student attendance so students have every opportunity to learn and to increase student self- efficacy (power to produce results).  Although absences can be excused or unexcused, tardies need to be marked even though a parent calls or writes an excuse.



4)  Fund Raiser Results:

Entertainment Books                                  = $2,000
Mum Sale                                                   = $210
Sally Foster Wrapping paper                     = $3500
Box Tops                                                   = $320
E-Script                                                      = $361
Book Fair                                                   = $3264 in books


5)  Review assembly and artist in residence schedule: 

December 20-Kelly Thidodeaux (Louisiana Music)

February 29-Alensy yansane (African dancing)

Jan 17-Feb 1- Merideth Ferrell (water color 11:00-3:00)

April 14-25-Greg Gurley (theatrical 11:00-3:00)

May 12-23-Laura Jackson (clay 11:00-3:00)


6)  Water pipe

A week ago we discovered water appearing through the asphalt in front of the District Office.  A leak in the main pipe was pumping out more than 3 gallons a day.  Being concerned about the ground beneath the asphalt being compromised we changed busing procedures so that the heavy buses would not fall through.  Each day the water to the old building was turned off at 3:00 and left off until 5:30 each morning of school.  The pipe was fixed over the long weekend.  They do not believe the asphalt is in any danger, but gave us the warning signs to watch for (basically cracks in the street).


7)  Thursday, Nov 8th Workshops’ Reports:

8:00-11:30:  Poverty

12:30-3:30:  Harcourt, Strategies between home and school, and

TESA/OAKS training


8)  PBS update: 

Discipline referrals are way up.  (See attached)

Members wondered if a report could be constructed to show time, place, behavior by grade level, and if a comparison could be made regarding office referrals in relation to whether students have recess before or after lunch.


9)  Curriculum review

Bridges Review:  Staff members are generally very happy with Bridges Math.  Some issues are coming up concerning students with IEPs in reading and writing, having difficulties completing assignments independently because so much of Bridges incorporates math and language arts.


10)  Other:

Sean Ferrarese and Deb Jolda began researching how to improve the efforts of recycling efforts to Creslane.  We discussed paper, milk cartons, juice containers, and changing the use of styrofoam trays to reusable trays at Creslane.  They will be meeting with Susan Ogawa for details, costs, hurdles, and possible solutions to teaching and enlisting students to be more environmentally conscious.  Sean has discussed ways to use his students as teachers to other students during their recess time.  Out of his 26 students twenty-four have volunteered to give up a recess or two to teach about recycling.  We discussed the benefits of using the money currently spent on styrofoam trays to hire someone to clean reusable trays.  It would keep Creswell money in Creswell, help a family financially, teach students about ecology, and would help keep the earth more environmentally sound.  Deb and Sean brought up recruitment of interested parents to help with the recycling efforts.  The topic of a school garden was broached.  Lynn Robertson brought up the need to move the recycle bins to the hallways for a more visual reminder to recycle our paper.  Further discussion and investigation will occur.  There is a goal to bring this to a School Board meeting when information is more accurate and solidified.  However, we do want everyone to know we are coming!! J