1.      1.      K-8 Student Success Writing Team.An outgrowth of the Continuous Improvement Plan.Rick Stuber contact.

Team met December 5th.Minutes are on District Web Site.


2.      2.      K-12 Student Success Math Team.Same as Writing Team.

Team met December 5th.Minutes are on District Web Site.


3.      3.      K-12 Fine Arts-Foreign Language curriculum review team.Per policy, the area scheduled for 2005-6 review.†† Stuber contact.

First Meeting December 14, 2005.


4.      4.      Labor Management Committee.Per cba, details on web sit.

LMC met November 16.Will meet tomorrow (December 15) with subcommittee chairs for an update on progress.


5.      5.      LMC Contact Time subcommittee.

Has not met.


6.      6.      LMC Professional Development subcommittee

Met in November and scheduled for December 7, 2005.Minutes are forwarded to web site.


7.      7.      LMC No Child Left Behind subcommittee.

Has not met.


8.      8.      Athletic Committee.Formed by school board, Lonn Robertson contact.

Committee has been meeting.Meets December 8, 2005.Minutes are posted to web site.In addition, Dr. Robertson, Mrs. Thompson, and Mr. Apo organized a kick-off meeting December 3rd to plan another auction and banquet.Details will be widely broadcast as soon as I know more.


9.      9.      Middle School Bond committee.Gary Clark contact.

Mr. Clark will call a meeting this month to settle on a contingency to travel to Salem for the Bonds and Ballots workshop.


10. 10. RTEC, Regional Technology Education Consortium.Working with LCC to bring learning opportunities to CHS.Jan Ophus contact.

Lane ESD is proposing to act as the fiscal agent between Lane CC and the School District.







11. 11. High School Graduation Policy committee.Committee per board goals, Freske/Ophus contacts.

Committee met November 4, minutes are on the web site.Met November 18, minutes will be on web site December 9.Next meeting December 9, 6:45 a.m. in Mr. Ophusí office.




12. 12. Pedestrian safety.

The crosswalk at Morse was painted recently.I have also copied an email to the Board which I sent to Mark Shrives.I stated the Districtís concern with annexation of property west of the High School entrance on Neiblock.


13. 13. Wellness Committee.Committee per board directive for policy input.Clark contact.

Wellness committee met November 30th and meets again December 14th at 3:30 p.m.Copies of sample policy are forthcoming from OSBA and will be distributed in a Word format throughout the District for comment.


14. 14. Technology Committee.Recommended by SP Finance subcommittee to be discussed 10/12.

Technology committee met in late October and November.Next scheduled meeting and minutes are on the web site.


15. 15. District Safety Committee

Next meeting in January.Safety inspections have been carried out and corrections addressed.There were no serious accidents in the past month.


16. 16. Above and Beyond recognition standards, Freske contact.

A final draft of the A & B criteria was developed by Mrs. Freske following the November board meeting and was mailed to district staff.We have circulated the criteria within the district.


17.Policy Committee.Updates current policy, codifies new policy.