Report to the Creswell School Board – December, 2003



Special Education


It’s December and all thoughts turn not to holidays, but to the Child Count Special Education Census. The Special Education Staff met on November 18th to review coding procedures for the census. Since that time, our staff has been working to load the data on discs. With Bryan Cruzan’s assistance, the data are now loaded into the district office computer. I expect that a “clean”, errorless submission to ODE will be achieved before the December 15th deadline.  Since only IEP meetings held on or before December 1 can be counted on the census, several meetings were held in late November. I attended IEP meetings in Eugene (Patterson Elem., Center Point School, Creative Minds School), Springfield (Springfield HS) and a home tutoring placement in Creswell.


On November 25th, I attended a joint Superintendent/Special Education Directors meeting to review allocation of resources for the 2004-05 school year. After much discussion, it was decided that Ron Hitchcock, Superintendent (Lane ESD) would prepare 2- 4 models to present to the Superintendents at their next meeting on December 16.


There was a Special Education meeting on December 1 at the Lane ESD. Topics discussed included: life skills programs, follow-up on resolution planning, reimbursement for high cost students and a Blackboard “course” for Special Ed. Directors.



No Child Left Behind Activities:


We have received an informal announcement that our NCLB plan was approved without any revisions. Kudos to Betsy Priddle, Linda Tharp, Jacque Robertson, Shirley Burrus, Ken Donner, Joel Higdon and Marilyn Cruzan for their work and input on this plan.


On November 18th, I attended an English Language Learner Plan session (Title III) at the Lane ESD. Kelly Medina and Pat Bettenncourt also attended. Our Title IV review of last year’s activities and budget was submitted to ODE on December 1.


I was pleased to be present at the two Title I parent meetings on December 8 and 9. These meetings are always well attended and parent support and appreciation of the program is very evident.


Grants etc.


On November 18, I joined two Board members at a meeting in the North Clackamas School District. We learned about their three district sponsored charter programs, one of which will allow students to receive a two-year college degree along with their high school diploma in a five year program.


The Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant meeting took place on December 2 at the Lane ESD. We discussed grant evaluation procedures and the results of the first year of the grant. Announcements included a Bullying and Harassment Workshop at 4J on December 9th and the 4th Annual Media United Against Drugs on January 25,2004. Several Creswell Middle School students will participate in this media event that will be broadcast on all three major television networks.



Respectfully submitted,






Ellen Adler

Director of Special Education/NCLB