Creswell Middle School Board Report

December 3, 2003



   CMS Site Council Recommendation for the Distribution of our $60,000 – attached.


Enrollment – 295

                     6th  grade –58 females             39 males

                     7th grade – 53 females             47 males

                     8th grade – 51 females             47 males


Parent / Student Conferences – were held on November 7thand 10th.  The best turn out came from the parents of our 6th graders.


6th Grade – just finished the FAST physical science lessons 1 – 14.  These units dealt with mass, density, volume and buoyancy.  The culminating family project was to build submarines.  All sixth graders wrote letters to pen pals in Argentina or Russia. The students have also wrote business letters.


7th Grade –


8th Grade – The annual community meal was held on Friday, November 21st at the Creswell Community Center. The students enjoyed a day of formal dining intermixed with entertainment.  Parent volunteers and the 8th grade teachers planned and prepared the day.  Students were instructed in etiquette during their advisory classes.


8th grade science students are currently working on learning how to produce a state required work sample.  This involves learning about experimental design and how to write a research paper about the research they have conducted.  They have planted seeds and constructed light limiting covers – now they are waiting for the plants to grow (or not).  They are collecting data and learning ways to analyze and they will eventually write up an analysis.


Discovery Classes – are going great. Students and staff enjoy the many offerings.  Please see the attached photos.


EBS Team – During the EBS/PBS team training day at Lane ESD on November 4, 2003 our team planned 8 weeks of boosters to promote positive behavior at Creswell Middle School.  We decided that each week would have special colored GROWL tickets, special prizes and target specific behaviors.  The weekly booster is called “The Focus of the Week”.


Week 1 – Target Behavior – On Time To Discovery Class

                Reward – Stuff The Locker (one winner/weekly)


   Week 2 – Target Behavior – Respect (student to student)

                “Button, Button Who Has The Button”

                Reward – Daily treats for the entire class


    Week 3 – Target Behavior – All work turned in for 2nd quarter

                Gradebook Growl

                Reward – Stuff The Locker (one winner/weekly)


  Week 4 – Target Behavior – P.A.W. (Positive Affirmation Week) (student to student)

                Reward – Feral Barrow (one winner/weekly)


  Week 5 – Week 6   During these two weeks students will be able to use all Growl tickets to purchase items at the holiday Growl Store at       lunchtime.  The idea is that they get gifts for family members.  There will also be a wrapping station.


  Week 7 – Review of GROWL Rules and 2nd Steps


  Week 8 – Target Behavior – Happy Hallways

                 Reward – TBA


            December 12th Inservice Day – will be used for important curriculum work.


Athletics and Student Activities – Budget Update attached.

·        The Figaro’s Family Pizza Night tales place on the last Monday of every month.  We make 25% of the proceeds!

·        Krispy Kremes  this Friday - $6.50 a dozen.


Girls Basketball – will end on December 15th. 


Boys Basketball – practice will begin on January 5th with games starting on January 22nd.



 Creswell Middle School Site Council Recommendation for the Distribution of our $60,000



Creswell Middle School has gone through many cut backs to staff, class offerings and after school programs all of which impact our students.   The CMS Site Council is unified in the following prioritization of needs.


·        Increase Lauri Thomas to 1.0 F.T.E                                 $12,110


·        Hire a teacher to teach 3 sections of band                         $13,161


·        Hire a PE/Health teacher   1.0 F.T.E.                                $27,670


** This enables us to put several of our current teachers back into their    “highly qualified” instructional areas, creates electives and provides staff with a prep period during the school day.


·        40 hours for Jill Strader and 2 days for Ken Donner to rebuild the schedule as recommended by Pentamation officials.


§        $1,304


·        The remainder of the funds will be designated for our extra curricular programs.

§        $5,755


Total                                       $60.000


*** The CMS Site Council and Staff firmly believe that the extra curricular program is an important component to the lives of middle school students.  Through athletics students learn healthy life long skills.  They form positive bonds with adults and teammates. After school programs provide students with the opportunity to participate in healthy activities.  Academics and behavior are tied directly to the CMS weekly progress report.   Athletic and academic benefits were jeopardized this year due to the budget cuts.   The entire CMS Staff has endured larger classes, instructed in out of area courses with less support and still found time to fundraise.  100% of the staff and Site Council is in agreement that the remainder of the $60,000 to be used for our extra curricular program to help alleviate the stress of continued fundraising.