Creslane School Board Report

December 10, 2003


Calendar:        Dec. 1 – Site Council

Dec. 2 & 18 – Behavior Support Team Meetings

Dec. 3 – Positive Behavioral Support Team Training (Lane ESD)

Dec. 8 & 9 - Title 1 Parent Pizza Meetings (5:30-7:00 p.m.)

Dec. 12 – Half Day Inservice:  Language Arts focus

Dec. 18 – Thea Lee’s Class Parent Appreciation Luncheon

Dec. 20-Jan. 5 – Winter Vacation                    




Parent Conferences:

Parent Conferences were another great success at Creslane.  97% of our parents showed up on one of the three days assigned.  Another 1% rearranged to meet the teachers at another time.  Many of these parents communicate with the school on only two occasions: parent conferences and when they have a complaint.  The parent conferences have been proven to increase student learning.  Thank you for allowing us this opportunity.



The Lane Education Service District (Lane ESD) was awarded a grant to help facilitate high quality physical education for students of selected schools.  The grant pays for the training of two teachers to become school trainers, $250 stipend for the trainers for to prepare for teaching the other teachers in the building, $2,000 for PE equipment for each school, two heart rate monitors, and site visits by PE Specialists and the Dance Theater of Oregon. Dean Karcher is our intermediate trainer in training and Scott Fenley is our primary specialist.


New Staff/Transferred Staff and Transferred Students:

We are soooooo!!!!!! happy.   The students are settled in their new rooms.  The class sizes are down.  The students are receiving more individual attention.  Things are good at Creslane.  Thank you for facilitating these improved educational opportunities for our children.


As per the Board’s directive to follow the administrative recommendations on the disbursement of the extra money “found” earlier this year we have recommended the hire of two classroom teachers and a music teacher at Creslane.  One of our fifth grade teachers requested to be transferred to the first grade position.  After analyzing the pros and cons with Dr. Stuber, I agreed to the request. This left an open position at second and fifth grades. 


In anticipation of the changes, I met with the first and second grade teachers to discuss how to redistribute the students.  We all agreed that this should be my decision with their input as to personality conflicts, special needs, etc.  The teachers provided data and possible students.  The first grade teachers contacted each parent individually, and I wrote each family a letter for both the first and second grade parents. Since the information was available during the time of Parent Conferences, many of the teachers pre-warned the parents of the possible changes.  I had two parents call for clarification, but no one called to complain or questions the decisions.   Things progressed very smoothly with the students and parents. 


These people have begun working with the newly developed classes of students as of December 1.  (There should also be some money left over so more can go to the middle and high schools.)



Data as of 10/31/03:

                        Kindergarten – 88 (22 per classroom)

                        First Grade – 88 (29 per classroom)

                        Second Grade – 101 (33 per classroom)

                        Third Grade – 75 (25 per classroom)

                        Fourth Grade – 86 (28 per classroom)

                        Fifth Grade – 77 (26 per classroom)

Total:  515

Data as of 12/01/03:

                        Kindergarten – 89 (22 per classroom)

                        First Grade – 87 (22 per classroom)

                        Second Grade – 105 (26 per classroom)

                        Third Grade – 77 (25 per classroom)

                        Fourth Grade – 86 (28 per classroom)

                        Fifth Grade – 76 (26 per classroom)

Total: 520



We are implementing a “blitz” on positive behavior until winter break.  Discipline has neither improved nor degenerated in the month of November.  It’s still about 1.4 office referrals a day.


Site Council:

(see attached report)


Site Council Agenda

December 1, 2003

CES Library


1)  New hires:

First grade – Jenna Langan

          Second grade – Laura Bruni

          Fifth grade – Lynn Robertson (at least temporarily)

          Music – Keira Brown



2)  Class Sizes:

          First:  22 students per room (from 29)

          Second:  26 students per room (from 34)

          Third:  25 students per room

          Fourth:  29 students per room

          Fifth:  25 students per room


3)  Next year’s calendar:

          See attached


4)  SWIS data: 

          See attached


5)  December 12th half day:  Language Arts discussion


6)  Other?