Superintendent Reports


1.  Technology Report.


            The Creswell School District recently audited the Technology Department.  A Eugene-based technology firm was selected for consultation this work and Tim Goss submitted the final report.


            The report is being referred to the Finance subcommittee at the request of Board Chair Freske.  A copy of the report has been emailed to the board previously, but the board will take no action on the report until it has been reviewed by the subcommittee.


            Board leadership did ask me to convey that the report was very positive our department and offers recommendations for even better delivery of service and management.


2.  Curriculum report.


            A.  The CIP is finalized and will be presented for board approval at the August meeting.


            B.  The end-of-year Learner outcome assessments are completed and will be discussed at the August meeting


            C.  2005-2006 will be a year for foreign language and fine arts review.  Committee members have been selected.


3.  Safety Committee.


            I will chair the safety committee for 2005-2006.  This summer we have primarily worked on a number of issues related to Creslane's parking lot.  Our next meeting is August 10.