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Submitted by Ruby Price, Superintendent, Creswell School District


On March 31, 2010, Business Manager Jennifer Heiss and Superintendent Ruby Price presented to the Finance Committee a general fund revenue/expenditure forecast based upon recently released information from the Oregon Department of Education.   Due to declining enrollment and a correction in the way ODE was counting for kindergarten, the state school funding support will be less than previously projected for the 2010-2011 school year.  Fortunately, as reported at the March board meeting, much work has already been done to do a very thorough examination of the efficacy (in light of implications for teaching and learning) and efficiency of every program in the district.    Literally thousands of dollars are being recaptured through efficiencies that either have been instituted this year or are projected for implementation in the 2010-2011 school year.   As the next step, in order to keep lines of communication wide open, Superintendent Ruby Price sent out the following e-mail to all Creswell staff members on April 1st:


“We have finally received updated revenue numbers from the Oregon Department of Education.  On Wednesday, March 31st, Jennifer Heiss and I presented an updated general fund revenue/expenditure forecast to the Finance committee which has also been received by our Board of Directors.


It is very important to me to have some time to share directly with you, our staff members, the financial/budget information that we have to date.   I will be coming to CMS tomorrow, April 2nd, at 7:30 A.M., to do a quick review of the general fund revenue/expenditure forecast.  Then most importantly, I want to listen to your ideas, concerns, and answer any questions that you might have.  Although this first meeting is at CMS, any staff members in the district are invited to attend.  At 8:00 A.M. Friday, April 2nd, I will be doing this same review at CHS.  Next Thursday, April 8th, at 2:30 P.M., I will meet with CES staff to review material/information and answer any questions.  We have tried to set a variety of times that might work with any and all staff members.  Feel free to attend any session; you are invited but there is no requirement to attend.  I am looking forward to listening and learning.”


All sessions were well-attended; thoughts, ideas, concerns, and questions were shared and notes compiled for further review.  Discussions will continue at the Site Councils at each school as community members provide valuable input into the values of the Creswell community and the kind of education that this community wants and hopes to provide for its children. 


CHS, CMS, and CES principals have met several times during the past two weeks with the superintendent and business manager to discuss the various assumptions that have been used to create the general fund revenue/expenditure forecast in an effort to balance revenue with expenditures.   They focused on exploring ways to allow the district’s most important resource, Creswell’s highly skilled personnel, to work and operate at full capacity, meeting needs and providing better service to students at a lower cost to the district.  This work has been very productive and positive steps are in the works to mitigate the projected shortfall.  The Finance Committee will be meeting on April 14th to look at the general fund revenue/expenditure forecast again in light of the work done by the administrative team mentioned above.


CURRICULUM AND INSTRUCTION:  I am pleased to be able to report that the Creswell School District has been invited by the University of Oregon to participate in a grant-funded University/School Partnership Project.  There are two major areas of focus for this grant/partnership: (1) to improve the teaching and learning of critical reasoning  across the curriculum (2) to get students ready for college, at the University of Oregon or elsewhere.    This project speaks directly to Board Goals 2 & 4:


Goal 2:           To increase the percentages of district students meeting and exceeding Oregon State Assessment Standards.

                        Establish non-negotiable goals for instruction and student achievement

o       Learner Outcomes/Power Standards – What are students held accountable to learn?

o       Common formative assessments – How do we know that they are learning? 

o       What do we do with results?  Close the achievement gap by identifying students quickly who need interventions/time to support learning, advanced studies and opportunities for those who are ready.

·         Ensuring assessment to determine if we are achieving our goals and if students are learning.

·         Being accountable for the outcomes of  decisions and actions by continually tracking progress and reporting results.

·         Support quality and effective teaching through embedded professional development and peer mentoring/coaching.

·         Focusing attention on continuous improvement by questioning, examining, revising, refining and revisiting issues related to student achievement.

Goal 4:           To close the achievement gap and increase the number of students who graduate from CHS, prepared and motivated for college or technical training opportunities.

·         Improve identification of and interventions for at-risk students K-12 with the goal to close the achievement gap.

·         Focus emphasis on student learning as a consequence of effective teaching.

·         Develop systems of support/opportunities for HS students

o       Collaborate with local colleges and universities to offer more 2 + 2, advanced placement courses.



This partnership between the Creswell School District and the University of Oregon, to promote "reasoning across the curriculum”, is aligned with the new NCTM standards that call for Reasoning and Sense Making as the focus for secondary math.  It is a well known fact that critical reasoning is a major challenge for teaching and learning at the secondary level.  Reading and writing across the curriculum are well established as "everyone's job," but math implies a specialization that fewer teachers are comfortable supporting in non-math classes.  Critical (logical, analytic) reasoning, however, as a common denominator across all subjects, has a chance of helping support complex problem-solving as an important skill as well as building students' abilities to figure out complex text or develop and write persuasive arguments.   Our premise is that an emphasis on "critical reasoning" across the curriculum will advance proficiency and college-ready skills in all subjects. 



Agenda item summary:


Agenda item 14.       Recommend approval of policies as recommended/reviewed by policy committee.


Agenda item 15.       Recommend action to approve use of procurement cards, to reduce the economic burden on the resources of the school district by increasing efficiency and reducing the administrative costs of the district and to respond to the district’s daily operational needs in accordance with the procurement process as established by Oregon Revised Statutes and district policies.


Agenda item 16.       Recommend approval to post policies as recommended/reviewed by policy committee.


Agenda item 17.       Recommend approval of approved alternative schools on the basis of the fact that each provider has been thoroughly evaluated during the 2009-2010 school year.


Agenda item 18.       Recommend approval of 2010-2011 calendar, draft of which has been reviewed according to Article 11 by both associations.


Agenda item 19.       Action on Board evaluation to be determined by board chair.


Agenda item 20.       Included for board review are copies of superintendent’s survey to solicit staff and community input, copy of the overview of superintendent evaluation process and timeline.


Agenda item 21.       Recommend approval of amendment to budget calendar, changing the budget hearing from June 9th to June 16th to align with change in June board meeting date.


Agenda item 22.       Recommend approval of resolution to purchase bus.


Agenda item 23.       Recommend approval of additional salary schedule to the confidential agreement.