bd19818_MEMORANDUM From the department of technology

~ Creswell public schools ~


“Preparing Students for success”


to:                   Creswell Board of Directors and Dr. Rick Stuber

from:              JOEL HIGDON, Technology Director

subject:        Activity report

date:              4/7/2009




·         Staffing change for the Technology Department


Bryan Cruzan is leaving the department to finish his college degree program and to student teach at another district. 


A Technology Specialist for the district since August of 2001, Bryan’s work and skills will be missed.  We wish him the best! 


·         Our new middle school by the tech numbers (just to list a few)


698 Local area network (LAN) connections available  (One might say that if the building’s concrete and steel structure were to become compromised that there is enough wiring in the walls to be considered structural.)  


26 Audio/Video Cabinets with 26 Projectors / 26 DVD players/recorders / 26 Receivers throughout the facility


13 Wireless network access points


140 computers, monitors, keyboards and such moved from the old building and then re-setup in the new building


6 network printers moved and re-setup


9 Network Switches setup to route LAN traffic


1 GPS (Yep, the building communicates with satellites in the sky) Synchronized Master Clock System that supports 38 wireless clocks throughout the building


3 years of life in each battery (reportedly before they would need replaced) for each wireless GPS Synchronized Clock


12 strands of fiber routed between the new building and our district network core at the District Office


2 strands are in use for internet and network connectivity at present


6 Major facility components controlled by respective computer systems


Heating/Air Exchange

Door Key Card Locks and Controls

Security Cameras

Bell/Intercom System

Phone System

Lighting Control


1 Main Distribution Frame Room (MDF Room) where all these key components, connections and all the above mentioned items route back to and are controlled


21,000+ Number of steps made from the foot traffic between the old and new buildings while moving equipment and such by 4 regular and borrowed staff members


3.5 days to move the equipment from the old building


·         District Technology Budget Synopsis  


Our District’s Technology Department is a year round operation.  The department is busy supporting our district's students and staff throughout the school year.  The summer period finds the department performing major system repairs, maintenance and replacements.


Reflected below are proposed reductions for the 2009 / 2010 technology budget.


Technology Services salary (Object Code 112) cut $6,468 - Our departments overall staffing numbers will be reduced.


Technology Services Other Communications (Object Code 359) cut $20,000 - The recent rewarding of the “Last Mile” Grant for our district has substituted the need for these funds.  Fortunately the grant will cover the much needed implementation of outside fiber connectivity for our district in the upcoming school year.


Professional Technology Services (Object Code 389) reduced by $3,000


Supplies and Materials (Object Code 410) reduced by $2,500


Total proposed reductions for the District’s Technology Service Budget is $31,968  


In addition to the direct student and staff support, the department allocates considerable time doing “behind the scenes” work for our district.   Things like making sure phones work, bells ringing for class time or that facility control components controlled by computers work properly. 


The department gives technical support on Pentamation for both student and finance services.  


Often the expense of specialized textbooks for our classrooms are reduced or eliminated because technology helps maximize cost effectiveness through online tools and learning.        


The department also coordinates and supports 15+ reports or data collections required by Oregon Department of Education.  Reports such as,


                        Staff Assignment                                 Fall Student Membership                    

Staff Position                                       Budget Upload            

Class Size                                            Actual Revenue and Expense Upload

Spring Student Membership                Second Quarter ADM

Discipline Incidents                              Annual ADM Collection


On the slate for our upcoming technology budget,


Replacement of the 2nd lab at our middle school (The lab is currently made up entirely of donated and used computers)


Supplement the mini portable lab at our high school with more notebook computers


Supplement and replace worn notebook computers in the portable lab at our elementary school


All our labs are used daily.  During assessment testing periods, lab time is coveted at our buildings.


Replace worn monitors with more efficient LCD monitors throughout the district (Many of our monitors are showing their age and inefficiency)


Repair or replace several aged and worn staff computers (Staff computers are used daily by school staff to track student attendance and grades as well as to keep in contact with peers and parents.)


Among the day-to-day expenditures from the upcoming technology budget several yearly renewals of various system licenses are budgeted.  Renewals such as,


      Our district’s antivirus protection

Reading Counts at Creslane (reading comprehension testing and lexical assessment)

Renaissance Learning at our middle school (reading comprehension testing, lexical assessment, and math comprehension testing)

      Follet Library software for our High School (card catalog and check out/in)

      Student computers system protection software for all facilities


Although things appear grim the technology department will endeavor to support our students and staff to our best of abilities.


Thank you.