Creslane School Board Report

April 8, 2009


Calendar:  State Testing for grades three through five all month

                        April 3 – PBIS Training (Lane ESD – all day)

                        April 6 – State Records Day

                        April 7 – Mighty Mustangs Hoola Hoop with Ms. Robertson (7:45 a.m.)

                        April 8 – “Scratch It for Schools” – Creslane and KUGN

                        April 9 – Guidance and Counseling meeting (8-12:00)

                        April 13 – PBIS meeting (2:30)

                        April 14 – CES Site Council (4:00)

                        April 16 – Effective Practices workshop (Lane ESD – morning)

                        April 17 – “Peter Pan” at Hult Center for Kindergarten

                        April 21 – Kindergarten Registration (5:30-7:00)

                        April 21 – CES Choir at Hult Center performance

                        April 22 – TAG Game Night

                        April 23 – “Take Your Son or Daughter to Work”

                        April 24 – Spirit Day (wear blue and white)

                        April 28 – Title I Parent Mtg. (4-7:00 p.m.)

                        May 4 – Cookie Dough Fund Raiser begins

                        May 5 – National Teacher Day


Schoolwide Title:

Creslane is following the steps of Oregon’s Title I SchoolWide Program Planning Handbook.  We are getting ready to move to Step 3: “The Inquiry Process – Clarify Needs and Find Scientifically Based Strategies.”  The last part of Step 2 was just completed. There are 6 Steps:

Step 1:  Determine Readiness and Form a Planning Team

Step 2:  Conducting a Comprehensive Needs Assessment

Step 3:  The Inquiry Process

Step 4:  Goal Setting and Evaluation

Step 5:  Design the Schoolwide Program and Create the Written Plan

Step 6:  Review and Approve the Schoolwide Plan

Creslane’s staff members prioritized the top issues needing improvement as the final process of Step 2 in our Schoolwide Title efforts.  Under each category the areas of concern are prioritized from highest need.  Our next step will be to address the specifics of each of these areas. 


School context and Organization:

Special Education

Student Behavior

Class Sizes

Extended Learning Opportunities


Curriculum and Instruction

Effective Instructional Strategies in reading

Effective Instruction Strategies in writing

Use of Paraprofessionals and special program staff

Multiple Instructional Strategies to meet the needs of diverse learners

Effective Instructional Strategies in math


Professional Development

Professional development for instructional aides

Professional development for certified teachers


Family and Community Involvement

Parent Support and involvement


Student Achievement

Strategies to monitor ongoing student progress



Through the efforts of the hardest working PBS team I have ever seen, the office referrals are diminishing.  We started issuing Whoa tickets for minor misbehaviors in February.  There was an average of 17.58 Whoa tickets per day given that month. Included in that number, was an average of 1.74 major office referrals per day.  In March the average number of Whoa tickets was 10.94 per day, and the major office referrals dropped to 1.12 per day.  Good news!



Creslane’s PBIS team instituted a Golden Ticket award system in March in preparation for anticipated escalating behaviors preceding Spring Vacation.  Students received Golden Mighty Mustang tickets for displaying safe, considerate, self-managing behavior.  The students were then allowed to put their tickets into containers that were related to specific prizes.  Names were drawn on Thursdays with the winners announced Friday mornings.  Some of the prizes included tennis lessons with Mr. Keo, basketball with the high school players, hoola hoops with Ms. Robertson, free passes to the Cottage Grove Speedway, smoothies with Mrs. Gibson, t-shirts, and many, many more.  There was a lot of fun and excitement, and as can be seen in the previous discipline report the misbehaviors were controlled.  It worked!



Alas, we did not receive a Chintimini TAG grant for next year.  We were fortunate in getting one in each of the previous two years, so being denied this year wasn’t a great surprise, even though disappointing.


Guidance and Counseling

April 9th the guidance and counseling team will be creating a plan for Creswell School District’s compliance to the comprehensive guidance and counseling dictates.  Thank goodness this compliance will not cost us anything, but it will demand across the district conversation.  The plan will be designed to help students see the benefits of education for their own edification, thereby creating a higher level of “buy-in.”


Site Council

(Please see attached minutes from March’s Site Council meeting)



We’re back up, after last month’s drop to 602 students.  We were at 609 as of the last day in March.



Site Council Meeting Minutes

March 10th, 2009

4:00 – 5:45



Attendees:  Jacque Robertson, Ginny Albright, Sean Ferrarese, Lynn Robertson, Deb Jolda



Jacque Robertson presented 2009/2010 General Fund Forecast for Creswell School District


Discussion: Budget 2009/2010


1.      Projection costs for 2009/2010 - $11,240,583

District is looking at shortfall of approximately $843,857 to balance budget for 2009/2010.   This does not include column moves for teachers who take courses over the summer. These numbers can change when final commitment from the state is received along with unknown staff contractual agreements.


2.   State recommends we keep 5% minimum in reserve for ending balance

for2009/2010.  District had an excess over the 5% this current year.  This allowed the district to keep current programs and staffing intact for 2008/2009


4.   Finance Committee meets every Wednesday morning to work on                                        

Budget issues.  They are currently working on the 2009/2010 Budget.


5.      Open discussion

a.       Staff cuts and reassignments

b.      Attrition of staff leaving

c.       Field trips and extra curricular activities

d.      Lane ESD – How usage costs are calculated

e.       Technology –COW’s unreliability and difficult to use compared to stability of permanent computer station. Need for consistency, create a stationary set-up, or dismantle

f.       Supplies and material usage

g.      Need for Production Room Personnel to do copying because of current curriculum

h.      Substitutes

i.        Class sizes



Discussion: School Wide Title Program:


Ms. Robertson reported that Creslane will be implementing a school wide Title Program for school year 2009/2010.  Creslane will be working on a specific plan this year to propose to ODE.  All recommendations need to be submitted by the end of June.  Outline must be specific and detailed.

            Open Discussion: How and What to Look at for Implementation


                        1.  How we will use our personnel differently

2.  What would classrooms look like

3.  How aides could best be utilized to support small groups

4.  Have a certified staff member spearhead direct instructional

5.  Groups move from one area to another with specialized instructional at

     different areas            

6.  How we service all areas of curriculum through the School Wide Title     

7.  How to work each area of curriculum at same time in each class

8.  Do special need students require more one-on-one.  How that need                   

     might be meet

9.  Possible regroupings

          10.  Possibly view other school wide title programs

          11.  Using “skill experts”

          12.  Come up with a time line for each class

          13.  Hire secretary for Learning Center which frees up time for Specialists

                 to work in the classroom

          14. Work on scheduling to encourage fewer classroom interruptions