1.      Curriculum. 

2.      Facilities.  Long-range maintenance.

3.      Public Relations.

4.      Student Services.  Athletic Review Committee.

5.      Labor Management Committee.   LMC has not met recently.  The Labor Negotiations committee has a couple items to deliberate but Spring Break and other commitments have not allowed scheduling.

6.      April Agenda items.

#14 The list of private alt/ed programs is enclosed with packets.  All programs are approved by Dr. Adler and meet state guidelines.  All programs have been previously approved and are utilized by many Lane County public schools.

#15 These policies were posted last month.  There have been no comments received on any of them.

#16 The IGBAB and JO policies are part of a group of special education updates required by ODE and they are required to be adopted by this meeting.  ODE was tardy in finalizing the documents and there is no time for the normal 30 day posting, however all changes are required by federal statute and cannot be amended anyway.

#17 IKF-AR revisions are at the behest of the HS site council.  The policy committee has discussed the changes with HS representatives.  Mr. Moran will address the School Board regarding this posting.

#18 The Board has an opportunity to vote for its regional representative to the OSBA Legislative Policy Committee.  In order to cast the e-vote(one vote per school board), the board must decide in this month’s meeting for whom you wish to have represent this area.  There are 3 candidates from our area to choose from.  For information about the candidates go to www.osba.org/elections.  Hard copies of the bios will be available at the meeting if you have trouble downloading.

#19 The terms for four Budget Committee members have expired.  We are contacting them to see if they want to be reappointed.  Terms are for three years and the School Board is required to appoint/reappoint.

#20 The results from the “search” for search consultants will be enclosed with board packets.

            7.  Soccer field.  There is not much more to report on the proposed soccer field.  The hydrology information is being rehashed by gLAs and so far as I know, it is still “possible” to site a field there, but it is going to be a costly adventure given the water table, flora, etc.