1.      Curriculum.The Language Arts Student Success Team has completed all group meetings for learner outcome revisions.To date, the HS has submitted all finalized versions and the other buildings should be in soon.Building teams have been reviewing curriculum materials.


2.      Curriculum.Continuous improvement.Our Writing samples were returned by the state recently.Samples were submitted for all 4th, 7th, and 11th graders.We are pleased with the results and hope the Writing Success Team played a role.Principals will report the results this month.


3.      Facilities.Work continues on the Middle School.The architect has been busy meeting with user groups.We will be getting design features soon.


       Facilities.We asked the architect to take a look at the area east of the JV softball field as a possible site for a soccer field. We are mindful of potential wetland issues but believe we have a space that will work.


4.      Student Services.


5.      Hiring Policy.


6.      K-12 extracurricular policies and practices review.Mr. Kounovsky plans to meet with the policy committee on April 23rd.A request for input has been distributed to the community.


7.    Labor Management Committee.LMC met March 21 and minutes are on the web.Will meet again April 18.


8.      Negotiations.The first negotiations session for teachers is April 10.No further requests have been made by administration/classified/confidential staff.


9. Other.

a.      Wellness Survey.The survey has been distributed and incorporates input relative to PE/exercise as well as dietary aspects.The information should be summarized before the May board meeting.

b.      Budget concern.The December projections and information used to present the revenue data last month will not hold up.We will be about $400K short of the mark and will adjust our projected budget accordingly.We will receive about $700K more this year from the state than last year, but keep in mind last yearís budget was balanced with $828K from cash carryover.The $400K miscalculation aside, think of this:despite getting $700K more this year from the state we still have $128K less revenue available for this yearís budget unless there is another revenue flow.The point has been made: we are spending more than we receive in state aid.

c.      Title IX.The district will participate in a Title IX audit through PACE, the districtís insurance carrier.We will complete our end of the audit this month and anticipate a turnaround from PACE this summer.The audit will be both evaluative and prescriptive.If there are areas for improvement we will be able to address them without the punitive overcast.