Creslane’s School Board Report

April 11, 2007


Calendar:       April 2:  Cookie Dough Fund Raiser Begins

                   April 6:  Report Card Day

                   April 9:  Bridges Math training (all day)

                   April 10-11:  Hearing/Eye Screening (grades 1 & 3)

                   April 10:  Creslane Site Council (4-5:00)

                   April 16-20:  Second Grade Field Trips

                   April 17:  Title I Parent Meeting

                   April 20:  Creswell Clubhouse Volunteer Fair (2:30-5:30)

                   April 23:  Language Arts Curriculum Review (Lane ESD 8-12)

                   April 24:  Creslane Choir at Hult

                   May 1:  Title I Parent Meeting

                   May 2:  Anti-Bullying Workshop for staff (2:30-3:15)

                   May 3:  Kindergarten Registration (5:30-7:30)

                   May 4:  Kindergarten Registration (12:30-1:30)



               February 28, 2007                                          March 30, 2007

Total:              573                                                        575

Kindergarten     69                                                                    70

First                 99                                                            99

Second           105                                                          106

Third               94                                                            95

Fourth             97                                                            96

Fifth               109                                                          109


We had an enrollment dip after Winter Break of 568 students, but it is coming back up.  We started the year with 583 students.



Creslane has received some very happy news this month in the form of several unexpected contributions:

Washington Mutual’s “WaMoola for Schools”:  $144.16

Coast Fork Cowboy Festival:                              $500.00

Cascade Inks:                                                       $  12.50

Target “Take Charge of Education”:                    $220.79


These funds will be used to purchase motivational prizes for reading accomplishments and needed music supplies.  We really thank everyone who goes to the extra work of turning in receipts and/or supports our local talents like Dallas and PJ McCord and Van and Kathy Criddle.



(I am beginning to hate writing this part of the report:  either I’m reporting bad news or I jinx my good news! J Let’s just say we have discipline at Creslane.)  Actually, this month’s report has both bad and good news.  The bad news is that we still had a very high average of office referrals per day (3.35) in March, but it was slightly better than the average in February (3.85).


The best news is that Creswell School District and Oregon State University have a contract that allows the Counseling Program at OSU to place counseling interns in our schools.  This next term (April – June) Creslane will have three students providing up to 420 hours of counseling help.  They will be under the supervision of Amber Dawn Krupicka (Creslane’s Child Development Specialist) and me.  They will help with classroom instruction on Second Steps (our conflict resolution curriculum), work with small groups of children on social skill development, and with individuals on anger issues, friendship skills, etc.  The interns will also develop a videotape to teach students the rules at Creslane, provide skits to demonstrate being safe, considerate and self-managers.  They will be VERY busy!



Monday, April 9th will be our first training on our new math curriculum.  We are all excited about a school-wide approach to teaching math skills.  We anticipate that eventually the math achievement scores will show an improvement, as well as reports from the Middle and High School math teachers.


The Language Arts committee will be going back to Lane ESD to look at two other reading curriculums on April 23rd.  The Creslane staff is already looking at some preview material, but we have received information about curriculum adopted by surrounding districts that we haven’t studied yet.  If we can find a curriculum that fits our needs and is also used by a district in close proximity, it may help the students who tend to transfer between districts.  We would also, like to find a curriculum that provides both excellent reading and writing material since “best practices” have shown that the two disciplines are so intertwined.  This is very complex and may be impossible to find in one curriculum program.  However, we do know of some good writing programs (inexpensive) that are independent of reading curriculum, so although it would be more efficient if we can adopt one curriculum, we know we can still meet our needs if we have to adopt two different programs.


Kindergarten Registration:

We are going to try a new procedure for our kindergarten registration this year.  The kindergarten teachers, secretaries and I will be available Thursday, May 3rd from 5:30-7:30 p.m. for families to register their kindergartners for next year.  If parents would rather wait and see the kindergarten rooms and hear about the program they can come Friday, May 4th from 12:30-1:30.