Superintendentís Report April 2006


1.K-8 Student Success Writing Team.The Writing Team meets the 21st.We anticipate formulating a report and list of recommendations.Most of the Team will be involved in next years Language Arts curriculum review which will include writing, reading, and literature so I anticipate some work to be referred to that committee.


  1. K-12 Student Success Math Team.††† The Math Team will meet the day of the board meeting (April 12th) and they, too, are expecting to wrap up their findings with some sort of final report which will include items for consideration next year among the recommendations.As always, the reports from both committees will be posted to the district web site.


  1. Labor Management Committee.LMC will meet tomorrow (April 13th) and I anticipate a full slate.There will be a power point presentation from the subcommittee and the teachers have been preparing information regarding Article 11, albeit they have not emailed that information as I write.I have written to the teachers, and spoke in person with Mr. Donner today, to emphasize that they need to get their materials to the board for there considerations to have better effectiveness.


4.†† LMC Contact Time/Professional Development subcommittee.As noted above this subcommittee has been meeting and they are preparing a presentation to the LMC tomorrow.As will be discussed at the board meeting we are in a bit of a time dilemma with the calendar.This committee is also working on establishing some professional development criteria.


  1. Athletic Committee.I spoke with Dr. Lonn Robertson recently (after the board work session) and told him the board was hoping the committee would stay active.He expressed similar sentiments and has no problem doing so.He had hoped they would be wrapped up by April but there are too many outstanding and unresolved items for which they need more time.I am working to develop a student permission form and a transportation form for the parents/students to sign prior to participating in club sports.Due to the unique nature of club sports a separate form is in order.


  1. Middle School Bond committee.The bond process is moving ahead admirably.Mrs. Burrus and Mr. Clark have been busy garnering public input and Mrs. Heiss has been equally busy making sure the financials are being ironed out.The community support has been strong so far and we have favorable reviews from many people, the Chamber of Commerce among these.As this is a continuing business item on the agenda, the board will hear more information.We are planning to develop a dedicated web site so that we can post information about the school, the bond, and other matters such as minutes from committees, interested community members, etc.


  1. RTEC, Regional Technology Education Consortium/High School Graduation Policy committee.As noted at the work session, this committee remains active and has a lot of things going on.RTEC is growing and expanding offerings next year and we will even have a teacher in the program. The Expanded-Options requirement is still being developed by this committee.


8.Wellness Committee.The end is nigh for the WC.I think the committee is mostly agreed to an AR regarding the previously passed policy (EFA).WC meets today (April 12th) at 3:30 to review the final draft.This draft was emailed to the board on April 7, 2006.A hard copy will be available at the board meeting where we anticipate the AR will be posted.Changes made by the committee are italicized and underlined.


  1. Technology Committee.Updates from the TC have been forthcoming from Mr. Higdon both by email and in his board reports posted to the district web.


  1. District Safety Committee.There has been no SC meeting since last month however we have conducted a safety check of all facilities and we will review those checks on the 11th.†† The loading dock behind the Food Services was finally widened over spring break.This will accommodate much safer food handling for the staff. We will compile our list of safety concerns at the MS this month and forward that information to the MS Bond committee.


11.Policy Committee.Updates current policy, codifies new policy.We are mostly caught up on policies at this time.We do have a couple that do not need immediate attention (related to charter schools) and the board chair hopes to move the hiring policy to the front burner somehow.