Additional information for Item 19 -


We received two bids for the roof project at CHS.  Umpqua Roofing is $147,400 and Pacific Roofing is $147,700.  A third company declined to bid.


These bids are higher than anticipated because of the core sampling that was done and the discovery that the 2nd roof is saturated and a complete tear off is necessary.  So, we have $100,000 allocated for this project.  The board will have to make a decision about where to obtain the additional $47,400 or if they want to do the job.  There is contingency and facility money available should they want to use it.


Jennifer Heiss

Creswell Business Manager


998 West A Street

Creswell, OR  97426


To view Umpqua Roofing BID - CLICK HERE


To view Pacific Roofing BID - CLICK HERE