Additional Information for Item 20

PROPOSED - Creswell School District Goals 2006-2007



1.  Curriculum

            a.  We will continue to improve student achievement on District assessments.

            b.  We will continue instructional goals of the Continuous Improvement Plan:

                        i)          K-8 Writing,

                        ii)         K-12 Math, and

                        iii)        Closing the Achievement Gap 


2.  Facilities.

            a.  We will implement the facilities long-range maintenance plan.

            b.  We will promote the Middle School capital improvement plan.


3.  Public Relations.

            a.  We will conduct board meetings in a friendly and professional manner.

b. We will continue to be proactive at public events and with community      groups.

c.  We will continue having a meaningful retirement activity and recognize       the accomplishments of staff and community.


4.  Student Services

            a.  We will establish a District Committee to:

i)                    i)                    Finalize the High School mission and graduation policies in

            the context of a changing environment for instruction, and

ii)                  ii)                  Complete our study and report of Creswell High School

            drop-out rates.

b. We will continue our support of the K-12 extracurricular policies and practices review.


 5.  Staff.

a.                            a.                 We will maintain an effective Labor Management Committee and related subcommittees.

b.                             b.                  We will complete negotiations of the collective bargaining agreements in a professional and timely manner.