Creslane Board Report

April 13, 2005



Month of April: State testing every morning

Month of April:  Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday – Clubhouse After

School Program with AmeriCorps 2:15-5:00

April 6:  OMSI presentation to fourth grade of Lewis & Clark Expedition

April 19 & 26:  Title 1 Pizza Parties for parents and students (5:00-6:30)

April 21:  Fifth Grade Move-up Day (1:30-3:17)

April 22:  Spring Picture Day

April 26:  Kindergarten Roundup for next year (1:00-2:00)

April 29:  Tsunami Relief Jog-a-thon (10:30-2:00 in ½ hour increments)




Creslane has had some good fortune this last month in contributions. 

·        Target sent us a check for $134.30

·        Foster Farms donated $11.95

·        Washington Mutual gave $132.25 from their WaMoola for Schools program

·        Thanks to the efforts of Alisa Kounovsky the Republican Women of Central Lane County donated 100 dictionaries for our fourth grade classrooms.  This offer comes as a part of a literacy advocacy program titled “The Dictionary Project” out of South Carolina.


State Testing:

Our third, fourth, and fifth graders are taking their state tests during the months of March and April.  This year we are using the computer version called TESA.  This is a superior way to test the students, in that they have two or three chances (depending on the test subject and grade) to meet or exceed the State Benchmarks.  In the old-fashioned paper/pencil tests the students got one chance to pass.  The State accepts the highest grade so the students can challenge themselves without being docked to get the best score possible.  There are practice tests available also. The students seem to be taking this in stride and working hard.  The teachers are a little unnerved, but they’re all surviving.




Creslane Choir Concert:

On March 15th the Junior Girls Choir out of the Oregon Children’s Choir came to Creswell and joined Creslane’s 4th/5th grade Choir and Band Ensembles for a delightful evening of music.  Although we all enjoyed the youngsters singing, the highlights of the evening were the African songs played on the marimbas by the Oregon Children’s Choir and on the xylophones by the Creslane Band Ensemble. I was very impressed that our students, a group selected by interest, did so well in comparison to The Oregon Children’s Choir consisting of a few very talented students who were selected through auditions. 


We are very sorry to inform you that Mrs. Keira Brown will not be with us next year as she and her husband pursue his profession on the east coast.  Thank you Mrs. Brown for the incredible work you have done with our students.  It will be a tough job finding a suitable replacement for you.


Read At Home:

Our primary grades have read a total of 217,847 minutes and our intermediate grades have been awarded 13,329 points in the Reading Counts program.  The Reading Counts program is a computerized testing procedure that assesses the comprehension of books read by each third, fourth or fifth grade student.



Ouch!  Our office referrals for March was the third highest we have had since data has been accumulated through the SWIS program.  That’s the bad news.  However, part of this escalation is due to an increased focus this month.  Our fifth graders have been increasingly calling each other names.  To control this we implemented much more stringent management procedures for this one infraction.  The number of office referrals for name calling almost doubled during March, and fifth graders incurred almost all of them.

Total Office Referrals = 208 Year to Date 

For the month of March:

Average 2.33 per day compared to 1.26 in January



Creslane’s enrollment has fluctuated almost every day but we are staying right about 580 students.  The most interesting piece of information concerning enrollment, centers on mobility.  Since the beginning of the year we have had 176 students either move in or out of our school.  That’s means about 15% of our students are different students than we had at the beginning of the year.  Since February we have displaced 49 students!


Creslane Total:   579 (as of  3/31)                                                             

Kindergarten                  88   (18 per session)               

First                             103   (26 per classroom)          

Second                           89   (22 per classroom)          

Third                            113   (28 per classroom)          

Fourth                            96   (24 per classroom)

Fifth                               90   (30 per classroom)


Staff Information:

Heidi Hansen is a first grade teacher at Creslane Elementary.  She has worked hard to meet the needs of her very demanding group of students.  I am incredibly impressed with her efforts and achievements.  She however, would rather be with her husband-to-be instead of me and has applied for and was accepted into an Roseburg area elementary school.  She will finish the year here and then prepare for new adventures down south.  We will miss her but wish her the best of life.